Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Summer Reading

Summer reading aloud has caused me to realize all the book series we've read and enjoyed together as a family - here are some of our favorites:

Building On the Rock Series
Jenny Cote books
Charlotte's Web
Little House Series
Hero Tales Series
Trailblazer Series
Mystery of History

There may be others, but those are the ones that come to mind quickly. We love to read outside, read during meals/tea parties and are also big fans of keeping hands busy during reading. Some favorite activities during reading are Play-Doh and kinetic sand.

It can be fun to read outside after dark or while camping! My favorite book light is from Ikea - it is the best book light ever!

What are some of your favorite series? Favorite places/times to read? Best reading memories!?

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Jackie said...

I loved the Trixie Beldon Mystery series. I got my first one in 5th grade at a Christmas party. I could not wait until I had enough money to buy the next one.....59 cents. LOL Enjoy your summer with the family.

Anonymous said...

Ah reading.... Some of my favorite series growing up The Little Golden books, Little House on the Prairie series, The Chronicles of Narnia, almost anything by Judy Blume, Sweet Valley High series then it was reading for college courses. Now I love to read anything by Karen Kingsbury and books by my favorite bloggers - Sophie Hudson, Melanie Shankle, Ree Drummond and you! When I was little my favorite place to read was the bathtub with my pillows and blankets and under the covers with a flashlight. I was a weird kid! Now I read when ever I get the chance. Not as often as I like though.

Jenny Goldsby

Mom said...

Oh how many happy hours I have spent reading in my life! :) Two of my favorite series as a young girl were Donna Parker and Nancy Drew. I also loved reading biographies. My favorite books to read aloud with you and Carrie when you were growing up were the Little House books, and as an adult, my favorite series of books are the Mitford books by Jan Karon. I have also enjoyed reading many books by Grace Livingston Hill as well as books on organization and money management. I always enjoy hearing you read aloud to your children, especially the Max and Liz books (how do you keep up those accents??) and Skippyjon Jones. :)