Thursday, July 05, 2018

Being a Noticer

It is a common occurrence for me to stop on the side of the road and want to take a photo and the amount of times I want to stop is ten thousand more than what I actually do. Cutting flowers from the side of the road, noticing the light, seeing a rainbow on a hard day, all of these things feel like a hug from Heaven.

Seeing God's creation and noticing it, appreciating it. All these things remind me of my own small-ness and the fact that God is in control and He sees and cares.

Now I love that my children notice things too and point them out to me: look at the sky Mama, oh - see the bird, aren't the wildflowers pretty? This just makes my heart sing.

To be a noticer, means we have to be willing to slow down, to pause and take the time to notice. It can be easy to see the whole landscape but what is up close and right next to us? Is there a ladybug down under one of these flowers? {I spotted one a few days later and that will be coming up in my Slow Day post next week!}

How is being a noticer of smaller things a blessing to you? How do you intentionally try to pause and notice little things in God's Creation?


Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Beautiful post! My girls and I set out on the back porch and watched the sunset all it colors and cloud shapes. I love noticing the wildflowers along the country roads I know what will be next to come up. Just recently, I taught on God in His Creation. His glory, His power, His hand, His presence, His love that flows through life to keep His creation alive, His faithfulness, His energy, His Voice that the bible says is thunder, and much more. Since I study this out to teach, it has help my senses of Him in His Creation increase. Blessings~!

Mom said...

You are so good at noticing beauty! When I am with you, I am amazed at the things you see that I overlook. And with the gift of photography to go with your noticing, the rest of us are blessed by the beauty you see. :)