Thursday, December 21, 2017

Snow Day

With the unseasonably warm weather there has been a noticeable lack of SNOW! My children have been nearly beside themselves with wanting it to snow! They have watched the forecast diligently, come up with a list of things they wanted to do in the snow, wished for snow, watched the sky and so much more. It is cute but also we were hoping we would get at least a dusting of snow to help satisfy all this abundant energy!

One morning last week, we woke up to a little teeny bit of snow! It was the perfect kind that did not stick to the streets or sidewalks but was on tables and yards. The energy that has been so abundant got busy collecting all the little bits of snow to be found and made teeny snow people, enjoyed hot chocolate and then went back outside again until it melted. We had fun going with the snow theme throughout our day!

Speaking of snow - I recently received this FrostGuard windshield cover for cold snowy mornings. I can clearly remember living in an apartment and heading out early on cold mornings to scrape and wait for my defroster to warm up so I could get through the ice/snow and be on my way to work. I love the idea of it and now only wish I lived somewhere cold enough to enjoy using it!! :)

And, they sent a second item that I am actually even more excited about! A travel blanket that heats up in your car! WHAT?! Yes please. Let me explain. My dear husband frequently feels carsick when we are on a trip unless he is driving and has cool air blowing on him. So I am often cold in the car: I can remember one Christmas trip where my teeth were chattering in the car across Kansas!

The throw is super soft and comfy and hooks right into your car charger outlet - I can't wait to try it on our way home!

It is always a fun day when I get to wear a coat and my favorite mittens! I've had these for probably 20 years and I still love them. The reason they have lasted so long is they don't much wear but still, I'm always happy for a reason to wear them.

These kids were sooooooo grateful for that little bit of snow and certainly made the most of it! Samuel propped up his lovey to see outside and enjoy the white stuff - so cute! My favorite things to do on snow days are read, have a fire and bake - we did all of those and finished the day off with hot chocolate, pj's and a tour of Christmas lights!

A cozy hygge day!

Frost Guard sent me a windshield cover and heated throw to share with readers. All opinions and content are my own.


Mom said...

What fun to share in the excitement of this bit of snow that brought so much happiness! :)

*carrie* said...

Mittens for 20 years--hilarious!

Glad they had fun. I think Mom bought that mix at Cheapie's!

Wow, the windshield cover and heated blanket are great idea. Let me know what you think of blanket.

Anonymous said...

How cute! the kiddos certainly made the most of that tiny it of snow!!
So glad they had so much fun.
Thinking of you with Love, Grandma/Nana