Thursday, June 08, 2017


When my Mom and I get back to Colorado Springs, it is frequently timed with the finale of the show Survivor. This was the case once again this year and I always love the opportunity to get to watch it with her!

This theme of being a survivor continues with our Saturday morning jaunt to the annual Cancer Survivor's event. I've never been before - so we were glad we could be a support crew for our survivor!

To consider that each survivor has a story and each family member has been a part of that as caregivers and supporters. Most of us have been affected by cancer in some way or another.

Brunch was followed by the option of doing the first lap for the Relay for Life. It can be hard to see so many people and know they have had lives affected by cancer but it can also be good to see them still fighting, still plugging away and to be part of cheering them on in the process.

So some of you are probably wondering how is my Dad doing? It has been a long time since I've put any kind of update here. We are so grateful that we still have the opportunity to come visit and make memories together!

Almost nine years is a very long time to fight this hard and battle this long. Right now, chemo doesn't seem to be doing the trick so we are in a transition where we will see what the next step might be. Pain management is our bigger focus right now. His determination is still strong!

We love you Dad!


Ginger said...

As you know, I am a survivor; July of 2007, and I will NEVER forget you and your sweet children visiting me in the hospital. Monica, you have no idea what that meant and still means to me!

My dad will be 90 in November. Last December he had a lump in his neck biopsied. aggressive type. We went to my oncologist here, and he was not hopeful Dad could handle chemo. We went through pet and cat scans; when we returned to Dr. Chahin, he was very hopeful because the drug, Keytruda, that cured Jimmy Carter's brain tumor in clinical trials nearly two years ago, had just become available. It's an immunotherapy drug, not chemo. He went through 6 treatments, and the scans hadn't changed. We do another round. Each day is one day at a time, and every day is truly a gift at his age.

Lisa said...

Prayers going up for your dad!

Anonymous said...

My heart is with all of you!

Mary Ann said...

Continuing to pray for your dad. I'm so glad you have been able to have so many more years together and make all those memories!

Mom said...

Dad was so pleased to have you all along for this event. :)