Thursday, June 29, 2017

Quiet Retreat: Thoughts on Sibling Bickering Part 2

We've had a chance to let all the input simmer a couple of days, now I have some ideas for how to practically work this out in our homes.

Here is my list of steps as I'm thinking about how to manage this with grace and truth:
- memorize any/all of the verses we looked at on Tuesday; I'm thinking of starting with Ephesians 4:29-32
- talk through these verses together in a neutral time: not when something is needing dealt with; define words, discuss God's Word and what it means in our home and hearts

In the midst of a disagreement:
1. take a deep breath, pause, ask God for help
2. consider asking any of the questions below
3. keep it brief and then move on

- Are you doing everything you can to live at peace with each other?
- Are you considering others as better than yourselves?
- Are the words of your mouth pleasing to God?
- How can you replace your attitudes/actions/feelings?
           Put off:                                                       Put on:
           * bitterness                                                 * tenderheartedness
           * wrath, anger                                            * forgiveness
           * malice, slander, clamor                           * imitate Christ
- Consider your words:
   * Are they building up?
   * Are they fitting?
   * Are they full of grace?

Another idea is to learn a song or hymn together as a family - let that be in our hearts and minds so that when we come to a situation we have something to draw on.

Steve Green: Encourage One Another
Steve Green: Think About Such Things
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Pass It On
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Take My Life and Let It Be

Choose a consequence:
- no dessert: no sweet words come out, nothing sweet goes in
- no technology privileges
- mouth washed out
- taste something bitter
- write verses {Proverbs especially} about the tongue
- other privileges or outings revoked

Please share your ideas and thoughts!

PS: If you are looking for encouragement on taming the tongue, check out the 30-day Power of Words challenge from Nancy Leigh Demoss Wolgemuth and Revive our Hearts ministry starting July 1st!

Also I love this list of Scriptures found on Pinterest!

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Leanne said...

we are at Life Action camp this week...and one of the breakout teachings is done by Revive our Hearts... yesterday, we received that study! anyway, she reminded us Mamas that Satan is vicously attacking our children... when we allow the Word to break strongholds/pride/sin in our own lives, we are much more effective at helping our children with theirs! Also, sin cannot be fully repented of until the heart and mind has fully accepted who God is versus who he/she is... in terms of bickering, it would be reminding the heart that "winning" is not the goal because ALL of our satisfaction should be in Christ because of his work on the cross... (again... you have to deal with "behavior" but you only REPENT/CHANGE in the heart... )...