Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Biltmore

Let's take a little break from talking about evacuation and talk about hurrication. My friend Jen came up with this word: hurricane + vacation = hurrication. Make the best of it, right?!

This was our one big splurge during the evacuation and I'm already so glad we went for it while we had the unexpected opportunity!

The Biltmore! Of course I'd heard of it but hadn't really known much about it - wow, what a place. I think it is providential that they day we were there was their first day of decorating for the coming Christmas season. David said he is surprised I ever left! Ha!

Emily wants to move into the library a few photos above, Rachel's favorite was the laundry room which had multiple sinks, a big roller washing machine, mangle and neat sheet drying system. I kept telling Rachel she would have that place whipped into shape in no time!

I loved this family room immediately above and also the servants quarters - they just felt much more homey to me than the lavish living quarters "above stairs" :)

The crisp Fall air and mountain views, gorgeous sunset and just doing something different were all a welcome treat in our time away! And what fun memories we made. Can you imagine cleaning 43 bathrooms?! Samuel thought that fact was especially interesting!


Unknown said...

So beautiful! But not the 43 bathrooms!

laura said...

That library. Mmm-mmm. I'm just happy that such things exist in this world.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have a hard time with TWO bathrooms sad to say. *Smiles* What a beautiful place. It is on my bucket list. I would love the library too.

Anonymous said...

My family LOVES it there! My boys are all into architecture and history. FYI...each summer, Biltmore runs a deal where kids 16 and under get in free with a paid adult admission. If you purchase via the Internet, you can only add two kids; however, if you call their toll-free number, you can add an unlimited number of children per paid adult admission. It is a super economical way to enjoy the estate!

Michelle in Georgia

Unknown said...

One of our favorite places. Did you see the original Durer piece? That was a fun surprise for us!

So glad you had this retreat in the midst of a crazy time!

Anonymous said...

If you ever want to go back to Biltmore but don't want to deal with regular admission prices, they do homeschool days in the fall. I took my daughter in September, and the tickets were $23.50/person. That includes the tour, the winery, the gardens, and additional activities for homeschoolers. This year they had several booths and activities set up around the theme of sustainable living. We will definitely be going back!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Wow. Totally amazing! The immensity of that place, 43 bathrooms, no way no way no way! Too much! I'm happy with my 780 sq ft home right about now, lol! Oh, but how lovely to visit and see. What a wonderful word you contrived - hurrication! Best way to enjoy life with lemons, is to eat lemonade, I've always said... make something better out of a situation if it's not so great. Hugs to you!

Blissful & Domestic said...

So beautiful! We are reading Seraphina and the Black Cloak for our read aloud this month. It takes place at the Biltmore Estate. I'll have to show my kiddos your amazing pictures :)