Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sunday Rest

I've always lived with Sunday as a day of rest not doing chores and running errands as other days and taking time to worship together at church. This summer, I decided to try and impose a no laptop day on Sundays - I used to work on my blog, catch up on email and work on photos on Sundays for quite a bit of the day and I always regretted that the days were over so quickly when I'd gotten so little rest.

So far, I'm loving it and the freedom to spend a whole day without a computer. I've cut flowers, rested, read, talked on the phone to family and crafted. The days are so much longer and more restful this way. In fact, I'm noticing that I'm so much better off the less time I spend on the computer period not just on Sundays - you'll likely see this idea resurface in a future post.

How do you make Sunday restful?


Tina Leigh said...

Well sometimes I feel like the saying, "I'll rest when I'm dead" is my theme song! Honestly, it's because my husband & I are not of "like minds" to some degree. I do not say that with any disrespect towards him at all but neither of us had a clue what we were getting into when we started a farm. Monica, I believe you are right in this "rest on Sunday" because we both know it is biblical. For our family, "unrest" is because of the choices we made not necessarily unwise choices but more so out of ignorance. Sunday is slower for us with church and all but not a day of rest. My husband says things will not be this hard when he retires (from his m-f job). I'm trusting God to lead and guide us and in the wisdom of my husband. God knows our needs & that is why He gave us simple guide lines in The 10 Commandments (with a day of rest included). You are wise Monica. I look forward to your future posts about technology in a Christ centered life.

Agnes said...

Monica, I envie you, you can find rest in your busy schedule and with the kids!
Sundays are the days, I catch up with everything that I could not do during the week and I end up more tired to start the new week!
I hope I an achieve to rest at least half a day someday.
Beautiful post and so inspiring. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thats a great idea!

Elise said...

I'm not so much sure about the Sunday part, but on days when I've allowed myself to craft, or just get things done around the house without checking my phone or computer just seem so much more productive and peaceful!

Mom said...

Sunday is my favorite day of the week! I love going to church on Sunday morning for worship and fellowship. I love talking to family members (including you!) and sometimes taking a walk on Sunday afternoon. And I love our long-standing tradition of popcorn and a movie on Sunday night. I almost never run any errands on Sunday (only when there is a dire need). I'm not ready to completely give up e-mail on Sunday, but I don't spend as much time on the computer as I do on other days. I appreciate God's plan for a day of rest! :)

Christy Stanton said...

I love that you are doing this! I too have made a decision to do this a while back and usually hold to it unless there is something pressing I need to get done. Otherwise, it does give me more peace and rest to not use my computer on Sunday, and to know that I'm obeying the fourth commandment... to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy !: )