Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Slow Day

My sweet friend Rachel had me over for a slow afternoon of learning how to decorate a cake with fondant! We had been swooning over chalkboard cakes on Pinterest and I was giddy with delight at how this one turned out!!! I loved this gift of experience and time with her!!! You'll see this cake again tomorrow when I share about the farm picnic party!

For inquiring minds, we found that the white food coloring painted on with a paint brush worked amazing - we used this tutorial for reference. Don't bother with making the edible chalk or using the candy melts directly on the fondant - it was very faint.

This was not on our Slow Day but there were great squeals of delight when we dug for treasure in our garden and found these:


Leanne said...

that is so inspiring! I started a whole pinterest board based on edible chalkboard delights!! thank you! Leanne

Unknown said...

Ooh what a pretty cake! I cannot wait to see tomorrows post! Congrats on the produce!:)

Shelby said...

Beautiful cake and I can not wait until tomorrows post:)