Friday, April 15, 2016

Becoming Weavers

I recently attended my annual Classical Conversations Director's training and the theme for the time spent together was Weavers of Grace and Truth.

That phrase just captivated me from the first time I heard the words strung together and I envisioned wanting to make something to visualize the beauty and loveliness of the words and the goal behind them.

I think we have such a special privilege as women, wives, mothers, sisters, friends and home educators {any and all of those that apply to you!} to weave grace and truth into the lives of those in our home.

Do we serve beautiful meals? That is one small step in weaving grace and truth. Do we share God's Word and things on our heart? Give hugs and smiles? Anything we do to bless our home and family in loveliness is weaving grace and truth.

A weaver is one who is actively working. She gathers her frame of support - for us, this should be the foundation of our faith and God's Word in our homes, the leadership of our husbands and our commitment to both our God and our men. This is our frame of support.

She gathers her strips to weave {fabric in this case} and tenderly cuts them into the right width and length before crossing them over and under each other. Just as one would create a lattice top pie, we can layer together little investments of time and energy each day to weave together this tapestry of grace and truth into the lives of those God has given us influence over.

The strips woven together are stronger than they are individually, they are more beautiful together and more useful. 

When a friend mentioned unraveling - it immediately brought to mind that when I make less than positive contributions to my home {attitude, critical words, unrealistic expectations} it is like I am taking a thread or strip and yanking at it undoing part of the weaving and certainly not contributing grace or truth. What are the things that I am doing that compromise the quality of the weaving?

There are several mentions of weavers and/or weaving in the Bible, most mentions refer to an occupation or a specific garment. I am also reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes that reminds us a cord of three strands are stronger than the strands individually.

Here are a few simple photos in case you want to make your own hoop art:

Let me hear your ideas! How are we weavers of grace and truth in our homes?


Chas said...

Excellent analogy... I want to always weave and not to be the one who unravels. Thanks for the idea and the images. I will probably make one of these as a reminder and add it to my hoop art wall. Thanks so much!

domenica.60 said...

Great words! I try to be weave of grace and truth cultivating the joy semplicities in our
everyday life ... some flowers of our garden in a pot , for example .
Blessing weekend,

Shelby said...

Oh friend thank you so much for this. Love the hoop art and what a great reminder. Maybe I will one day make one:) Shelby~

Leanne said...

I love this post... I have to say I often "feel" like I fall SO short of this...but, the other day, I was talking to my oldest and referred to myself in a negative way.... He stopped me in my tracks when he told me it wasn't true...that's not what God thinks and my perception didn't matter (he also through in some hilarious Duck Dynasty comparison to Miss Kaye) and I realized that the way we live our lives day to day reflects so much of the way we demonstrate grace and truth in our home! I also realized maybe my oldest is watch too much Duck Dynasty :-) I LOVE my shirt by the way... thank you so much!