Friday, January 08, 2016

For the New Year

Are you coming up with a word for the year? I haven't really landed on anything and to be honest, when I've chosen anything lately but slow I always come back to that. So, I may just continue forward in that.

I'm going to turn 40 this year, Lord willing - have a book in print, take a couple of trips and implement some ideas. I hope most of all to remain faithful to this life God has given me and continue walking forward day by day to glorify Him.

I've already started my new 2016 Book List and am currently doing the Open Your Bible study by She Reads Truth writers.

I love these Reflect + Refocus worksheets from The Well Studio!

What is on your heart as we enter a new year?


Unknown said...

Fourty years is a great place to be. :) (I'm 42) I was inspired by you choosing a word for the year. My word this year is peace. Peace in the middle of life. I have 6 kids and a mentally disabled teenage son. Things are pretty rough right now. So I chose peace. Peace in the middle of the storm. Keeping my eyes on Jesus. Congrats and prayers for your book venture. I look forward to seeing it on shelves! Blessings, christina

Chas said...

Mine is Joy. It is something I have been praying about for a while. Over the years, I began carrying burdens and worries that were not my own. The Lord has taken those, but I kept picking them up along the way after one thing or another happened... Finally, with HIs help, I feel that I am laying them down and finding that JOY again. Because He is the giver of joy. It caused me a whole outlook change and I'm exceedingly grateful.
I think slow is a fantastic word. It immediately makes me want to breathe in all the preciousness of the moment.
Don't grow weary in doing good, Monica... you inspire more people than you know!

Wendi said...

My goal for the new year is to thrive. I had a health scare that involved heart surgery at the beginning of December. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that I had just been surviving for far too long. This is the year that I take the steps to embrace all of my blessing big and small (and even those blessings that don't feel like blessings!) Life is too short not to enjoy and thrive!

Leanne said...

Being more intentional about the time I spend with my boys...
Slowing down-- not being involved in things just because that's what "everyone" does
Nurturing my relationship with my husband and with my friends...
and mourning the loss of Downton Abbey (just had to throw that in there!!!)

Anonymous said...

My word for this year is : Restore
Psalm 51:12 restore unto me the joy of thy salvation
I let a lot of circumstances last year steal my joy, and somethings were not even mine, but friend's problems. I took them all on, forgetting of course that it wasn't my job to do so. When I looked up the meaning of restore, it spoke of bringing back to the original position, or as my husband said, rebooting or reinstalling the hard drive!
My husband and I also talked about STOP! Stop taking on things that aren't mine, stop being down, stop being overwhelmed, stop saying yes when you mean no. I have both words written on my chalkboard. I am very excited about your book, and I love that you SLOW. Always praying for your dad and your family, Love in Christ, Lynne

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


You look so young. Wow! Anyway, the word I have chosen is Commit. Yet, it seems I am having a hard time doing that. Funny. The Lord guided me to this Word. I am sure I will learn a lot this year in regards to it.

I have also started my Book list. Present by Keri Mae Lamar....WOW!!!!!!!!

You would probably really enjoy this.


Jenny said...

This will be a big year for you, turning 40 and publishing your first book!!!

My 2016 word is Trust.

I am doing the same study right now--Open Your Bible. Why am I not surprised? ;)

Lauren said...

Hmmm Just ONE word???? Lately I have been worried (obsessed) with the fate of our foster baby. I keep having things (maybe whispers from God) come to mind. "Just Breathe", "Be still and know that I am God", so.......maybe my word should be TRUST?
What do you think?

Debbie Wright said...

My word for this year, and actually my first intentional word ever, is closer. I have a deep desire to grow closer to the Lord. I accepted Christ many years ago, but have veered off the path more than I care to admit. I want to truly walk with Him guiding my steps, my actions, even my words and thoughts. I guess I could have grow as a word also - because I want to GROW as a Christian.

Thank you for all that you share. Reading your blog, and sensing your contentment in Christ, is so encouraging to me. I long to find that same direction.


Tina Leigh said...

Monica, I guess to sum up things for me..the word "slow" fits. We need this in our lives because two words can describe last year for us "overwhelmed & procrastination". I've realized over the holidays that we have way too much stuff. I will not buy another book until I read all that I have. My grandson has so many toys he doesn't know what to play with. We have so much work to do here that we are becoming overwhelmed & overwhelmed makes me procrastinate b/c there is just SO MUCH! So. I'm thinking. "Slow, simple, necessity, proactive & meaningful" will be our words around here. Yep, words...see...I'm so clouded! Lol! I've get this narrowed down too!

Anonymous said...

40 years is young! I don't usually choose a word for the year but I felt led to choose the word "spirit".

"How can I empty my heart, mind, soul, and spirit to fill it with God's love and grace? How can I let go of the cares and worries of the world and live a simple life pleasing to my Lord?

How can I develop a spirit of humility, a spirit of tenderness, a spirit of gratitude, a spirit of compassion, a spirit of hospitality?" (from my blog on 1/1/16)

Have a lovely evening!


Karen G said...

My fb post of my Word for this year:)...
"The metaphors Jesus used for the life of ministry are frequently images of the single, the small, the quiet, which have effects far in excess of their appearance: salt, leaven, seed. Our culture publicizes the opposite emphasis: the big, the multitudinous, the noisy." --Eugene Peterson
As I have been thinking about what I want 2016 to look like and even writing down some goals, the words "celebrate your smallness" (E. Freeman) have been resonating with me. I have been thinking about some lives that have had a lasting impact on me and it was in their 'smallness' that an impression was left in my heart. Small acts of services, small words of encouragements, small daily tasks of taking care of their families, small caring for their fanfare, no hoopla, no awards...
May this year be the year of 'small' for me."

angie said...

I'm going back to the basics that Jesus taught us: Love God and Love one another. I think that covers a multitude of issues for me that result from not obeying that command.
My family worked on a similar page of reflect and resolve for the past and new year. That was a difficult exercise because our kids really didn't want to move last year. But, I think it was important for them to see how The Lord carried us through that time.
Your first year in the forties looks to be a fulfilling one!

Mary Ann said...

If I were to choose a word for the year, it would probably be Stop or No. LOL. 2015 was good but so crazy for us so all I want to do is just be. My focus areas this year include health (I'm turning 40 too!), simplicity/organization, frugality (paying for an adoption and recovering from some big bills last year), and being more home-centered. I find I'm beginning to think even more big picture and looking to the future; not sure if it is turning 40 or becoming a mom or both.

It will be interesting to see what God has in store this year. And I'm very excited about your book!