Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Cover!

Today I'm excited that I get to show you my book cover!!!!! Yippee! One thing I was looking for when I was searching for a self-publisher was that I could give input on my cover and maybe even design it myself.

I thought you might like to see how this evolved through the process. Probably two years ago, I came up with this cover idea:

Then because it was so long ago that I came up with the first one I had to dig through thousands of photos to find the originals and came up with this over Christmas this past year:

This last photo is the concept I sent in to the publisher for my cover. I told them I was using fonts I had but that I didn't like this font and wanted something more scripty or that looked hand-lettered.

Here is the finished cover {first photo} again:

I love it! Things I love about it are that it does evoke a sense of slow and beauty. It reminds me of the exact memories we made during each photo.

Speaking of each photo - here is a little bit on each one:

Top left: this vintage truck was parked at a towing company behind our church for months with a For Sale sign on it. I called the office and asked if we could take pictures in front of it after hours and they quickly agreed. I borrowed a tripod and we got some fun family pictures but this was my number one favorite! Goldenrod was from the side of the road on the way!

Top right: two doors down from my parents house is a neglected yard. One summer when we where there, the flowers on this bush between the sidewalk and street were so pretty amidst the unkept ugly. And, Colorado blue sky!

Bottom left: An apple themed picnic in our driveway one Fall. I think this was one of the years we did not go pick apples but I bought them at the grocery store. Since we didn't go to the orchard I wanted to make a special memory at home and we played tic-tac-toe with red/green apples, had a picnic, read apple themed books and more.

Bottom right: golden hour at the park downtown. We picked up a pizza and had a picnic and oh, the glow that showered over us was enchanting!

Thanks for letting me share about the book cover process!


Sherry said...

Your book cover is so lovely, Monica! It seems perfectly suited to the title and content and definitely speaks beauty. Love it!

pizzlewigg said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It is perfect. I love it. Great job.

Mom said...

Beautiful cover and I love knowing the story behind the photos you chose! :)

angie said...

Thanks for sharing the evolution of your cover. I noticed that natural elements are present in every image. Initially, I wondered why you had chosen to put any pictures of books or crafting, but then I realized that much of your crafting these days is centered around setting a pretty table. There has been a trend toward simplicity in your blog and this cover reflects it well.
Did you experience butterflies or a surreal moment when you saw your name written out on the cover proof?!

Anonymous said...

Hello Monica,
I always feel encouraged when I read your blog. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your life with us.
I have noticed you are pursuing self publication of your book. The blog Money Saving Mom has several items about same this week. A couple of the free Amazon downloads are about this topic. Crystal is also interviewing a young man Thursday who self publishes. You may be aware of this information, but thought I'd share it nonetheless. All the best,

Anonymous said...