Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Just a few fun photos of out and about some fun things we've been up to! We went downtown one night for the Boat Parade we have missed for several years and found out our info was incorrect and it was the next night - so we missed it after all - oh well, we enjoyed the beauty and festivity of the night either way :)

We also had fun another night driving around and looking at Christmas lights and completing this fun Christmas lights scavenger hunt!

What fun Christmas things have you been up to?


*carrie* said...

You saw some pretty lights! I pinned that checklist for variety--we've done the same list for a few years. I like that this one offers that you find just some of the items--that would help avoid frustration when we can't find something specific.

angie said...

Our Christmasing is on pause while we finish up finals and a soccer tournament. My parents arrive tomorrow afternoon and by Friday afternoon, we should be ready for some merry-making.
We have lots of lights and sights to explore in our new hometown.

Kelli said...

Oh I love the Christmas lights scavenger hunt! We are going out next Tuesday to look at lights and I am going to bring thus with us!
Have a happy day!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

We always go and see some lights somewhere. In our new hometown they have a nature trail that is all whimsical and lit up with decorations and lights. We plan to do that. We went to a Christmas parade. Have a had a Christmas Homeschool party. I love the scavenger hunt idea. So, neat!