Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Advent Calendar Stars

Yesterday morning I woke up a bit early and had a few minutes to peruse my Christmas pins! Oh, what fun inspiration! I spontaneously decided we should make a list of activities to do together during December and a fun way to display/open them each day.

We are not traveling to Colorado this year, so I also thought this would be a fun way to make sweet memories together at home.

I sort of combined this and this and we just taped our stars to the wall with cute washi tapes! I wrote a fun activity on the back of each star taking into account what is already on the calendar and keeping lots of things just simple at-home ideas.

Brown cardstock from Michael's and chalk markers from Target Dollar Spot were already on hand - so I spent absolutely nothing on this and we had fun doing this project as part of school yesterday!

Tonight is watching Rudolph and playing a few reindeer games!


Unknown said...


noricoleman.typepad.com said...

Beautifully done!

*carrie* said...

That is so cute! Nice job.

By the way, I tried making the polka dot glitter cards with dot markers and it did not go well at all. Sigh. The glitter didn't stick.

angie said...

It is wonderful that you were able to take this inspiration and bring it to fruition by including your littles, being delighted with their cutting and drawing skills, and without running to Michael's. I was there yesterday, and the lines were LONG.

Crystal @ Country Mom at Home said...

Your advent stars look so great! God bless you and merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

.....such a beautiful 'walk through Advent' Monica ~ I always admire the way you lead your Little Ones in ways that matter most.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thank you friends!! @Crystal@Country Mom at Home; @noricoleman; @Christina Gomez