Thursday, November 12, 2015

Homespun Craft Day


I don't know where to start! Ok, so my friend Shay and her family are in the process of adopting a little girl and we both had this idea to host a craft day as a fundraiser. It turned out super fun and we are already planning a second one in December! 

It was a fun challenge for me to try and see how thrifty we could be on supplies so it helped the adoption fund the most. And, to be honest, I've struggled to get my crafty on lately so this was a really fun happy place for me!

I wanted our guests to feel special and very welcomed and like they got their money's worth even though I was trying to be extra thrifty. These cute little name tags were made with fabric scraps, alphabet stamps and some little pin backs - all things I had on hand = free.

This little metal tray made a fun display by just taping some twine around the back and clipping name tags on with mini clothespins. Sweet! My great-grandma's ladder was a funky holder for this tray! I have used this ladder more for its easel-qualities than as a ladder!!!

So, what did we make!? We made wood slice chalkboards, chalkboard garlands and looked at various lettering techniques for chalk art. Ten sweet crafters came and got creative! Brown paper made inexpensive and easy-clean-up table coverings, the gift bags were from my stash and I put the garlands, some chalk and a cute Thanksgiving printable in each bag. Tags and yarn were also on hand so this did not add any expense! The chalkboard garlands were from the Target Dollar Spot about six weeks ago.


Bonus: it made a fun afternoon project for me to sit and cutesify these bags for giving!

The wood slices were bought here and there at Michael's with 40% off coupons. Chalkboard paint is from Lowe's.

For hand lettering, I found this great post and basically drew most of her ideas out on my chalkboard plus some embellishments. This post is a great source of lots of ideas and basics for successfully hand lettering on your chalkboards!

Now, let's talk food!

Our craft day was in the morning so I wanted to do breakfasty choices. Here was our menu except that I forgot to set out the cheese and crackers! Oops!

Apple Cheddar Bread
Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes
Apple Cider Cinnamon Rolls
Pumpkin Spice Lattes 
Teas were herbal tea bags that I brewed, sweetened and chilled

I'm totally loving my porch table turned this direction and those twinkle lights have just made my heart happy every time I walk by or see them shining through the doors. I shopped my house for fun stuff for the table and that awesome Arctic cooler was borrowed from a sweet friend!

Sweet time with friends, good fellowship, yummy food and fun crafting! Plus we raised right around $200 for our friend and her adoption fund. Just a big yay all around!

It was also so fun having this in the morning and then having a quiet afternoon with a clean house to enjoy and relax in!


Heather said...

First, thank you for the info on the Nature book. We now have one tucked away for Christmas! Second, this looks like such a fun, wonderful day. What a way to have a bunch of fun and bless your friend too! Love all the chalkboard and wood items. And last, if you friend is look for a way to raise money for adoption may I suggest Both Hands. It is an AMAZING organization that was started by a dear mentor of mine. JT Olson and his family are simply the best kind of people I know. We have run a Both Hands project and were able to raise a lot of money for an adoption as well as bless a sweet widow named Rose. So far they have raised over $5 million (I think this is the right number) to help families give orphans homes and hundreds of widows have been helped too. Sorry for the commercial, but if finances are an issue when it comes to adoption Both Hands is the way to bridge that gap and everyone should know about what they do (in my humble opinion) :)

Wendi said...

Love! You know that adoption is near and dear to me. Such a fun way to help your friend out.

Leanne said...

THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!love it!! totally making those apple cider cinnamon rolls!!!!

Shelby said...

Oh my so much I LOVE about this. Love your attention to detail, thriftiness, so sweet to extend such grace to your friend. I would so be there if I lived closer:( Shelby

Simply Quaint said...

What a wonderful fun idea! What a very generous thing to do to help very sweet.....your porch looks awesome......


Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! Some dear friends of ours are in the beginning phase of adoption and I may borrow some of your ideas to create my own fundraiser party. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelli said...

Such a fun looking morning. I always leave your beautiful blog feeling so inspired.

Mary Ann said...

So fun! And what a great idea for a fundraiser! This is one I haven't thought of and I have a lengthy list of ideas (some we haven't used yet!). Did you ask each participant to pay a certain amount to come or ask for a donation?

Praying for your friend's journey to her little one!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have a crafty fundraiser to help your friends with their adoption. Love your craft ideas and the food! :-)

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Emily Wilwerding: borrow away! Hope it is a blessing to you and your friends!

@Heather: I mentioned this to my friend and she said they love that idea and wanted to do that but just don't have time - everything has been a whirlwind and they are leaving very soon! Thanks for the suggestion!

Mom said...

How lovely and what a fun way to bless your friend who is adopting - not only with funds raised, but also through fellowship and support. Great photos of what I'm sure was a special time. :)

Elise said...

Oh my goodness, this is so fun, Monica!!!!

Christy Stanton said...

Fun and love how you decorated everything for the party!: )

Amy Wilson said...

It was a wonderful morning of crafting, food & fellowship--and all for a great cause! Thanks for putting it together!

Jenny said...

You are the loveliest!!

Anonymous said...

You have such a kind , sweet, generous and loving soul ! A beautiful person inside and out.

First time I've come to the actual blog in a long time ( just been reading the emails) and I am so happy to see the comment section open again ! I sure wish we were closer, you do some fun, lovely gatherings !