Monday, August 03, 2015


In our last few days before starting school, we are relishing slow, lazy, creative days at home. These days are far from neat and tidy!

One afternoon, I listened to all the creative play and fun going on around me and I  had to laugh looking around at all the floors and surfaces surrounding the play. All these photos were taken within a few minutes of each other - real life, my friends.

It was like an explosion had gone off inside our home - mess everywhere. Clutter drives me crazy but in this moment I realized that someday I'd miss seeing this little boy holed up under the table making a Play-Doh store. I'll miss stepping on melty beads and seeing them tossed around like confetti. I decided to embrace the moment and just enjoy the beauty of the fun being had.

And of course, like any good mama, after all that - we had a rousing session of clean up!!!!


Wendi said...

Looks like a normal day to me! :) I have learned to embrace those moments in order to keep my sanity. As I am entering a new season (all of my childcare kids are in school as of today) I know I will miss it. Never fear, there will be afternoons, weekends with Megan, and school holidays!

Unknown said...

I totally understand. And yes, you will miss it all. ;)
You're a good mama! Christina

Mom said...

Reminds me of some of the "messes" that you and Carrie would create around the house playing store, school, or dress up. Fond memories indeed, though unlike you, I didn't take many photos! You do such a good job of documenting every day life. :)