Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Recipe Week!

I recently cleaned out my Pinterest recipe board and decided before we started school that I should take the opportunity to try some new recipes! Here are the ones we tried:

Lunch Lady Brownies: Forgot to take a photo of the brownies, but they were super yummy and decadent! Would love to make these again!

I wanted to try these coffee cake muffins but after reading the comments decided against messing with it. After a quick Pinterest search, I settled on this recipe instead. They were absolutely gorgeous muffins, but the crumb topping was waaaay too thick on top {didn't know that was possible!} and the muffin was too bland. In the end, nothing super exciting here.

My kids love French Toast Sticks and I usually just buy them in the frozen section of my grocery store. But, I decided to try making them at home for comparison - I made a recipe of French Bread that makes two loaves in one 2 lb. loaf pan. Then I let it cool overnight and sliced it into sticks after breakfast. I let the bread sticks sit on a cutting board all morning until after lunch to dry out a bit and then cooked them. I froze them on a cookie sheet so they would not be in a lump!  I used this recipe for the egg mixture. Haven't actually served these yet!

Breakfast for dinner! Yes please! If Daddy has to work at night, we almost always have breakfast for dinner {not his fave} and I was looking forward to trying this Ham and Cheese Puff Pancake - I used sausage since it was what I had and all the girls in our house voted it a two thumbs up. Samuel was a little less enthusiastic but ate it without complaint.

Also tried these Greek Yogurt Pancakes although I used regular plain yogurt because that is what we had. These were declared delicious by 100% at our table and a double batch made more than enough so I can freeze the rest and have another day!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?!


Kelli said...

We make the lunch lady brownies here...they are wonderful!

Lauren said...

I love pinterest recipes as well. One of my all time fav's is Pioneer Woman Crunchy French Toast. I couldn't believe how easy and yummy it was.

Mary Ann said...

Some new recipes I've made recently are: Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Pie (Averie Cooks), English Muffin Bread (The Frugal Girl), Crockpot Black Beans and Rice (Mostly Homemade Mom)and Southwestern Lentil and Rice Bake (A Cookbook Obsession).

They were all really good with our favorite being the cookie pie, of course. So easy and fun--I made two so we could give one as a birthday gift! The bean recipes were better than I expected; we love Southwestern/Mexican food flavors so most everything I try with those flavors we like a lot. I took the black beans to a potluck on Sunday and they got rave reviews. Super easy and cheap too!