Thursday, July 16, 2015

Camping Food

Near the end of our camping trip Rachel asked me what my favorite thing had been. I paused and rattled off several things, one of which was making pretty and yummy camp food. I've said it before but food eaten outside just tastes so good! And, you know how much I love a picnic and an opportunity to pretty up a table! I even brought an apron and wore it fixing dinner one evening - it was fun!

Here's what we had - hoping to use this for my own reference as well!

Day One:
breakfast: Banana Bread in the car
lunch: BLT sandwiches, grapes, carrots
dinner: BBQ chicken sandwiches, corn on the cob, potato chips, grapes, carrots, lemonade, cookies

Day Two:
breakfast:  scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, bagels, coffee, hot chocolate
lunch: out {charming hole in the wall diner inside a gas station!}
dinner: tacos

Day Three:
breakfast: pancakes and sausage
lunch:grilled chicken wraps, chips, fruit
dinner: chili with fixings and corn

Day Four:
breakfast: biscuits and gravy {toast for those who preferred it}
lunch: turkey sandwiches, chips, fruit
dinner: sausage, potatoes and green beans skillet and s'mores

Day Five:
breakfast: cereal
lunch: grilled chicken salad, chips, fruit {whatever was left over!!!!}
dinner: pizza on the way home

And, of course I could not have done it without my cute dishwashing and water fetching brigade!


Unknown said...

What a great list of meals! Beautiful table and awesome helpers! Christina

angie said...

Thanks for inspiration. I'm living in extended stay suite and not feeling motivated to plan meals. You made good, wholesome meals without any conveniences. Could you pass on the sausage, potato, bean skillet recipe?

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy and oh-so-cute. Sooo you!
Cute helpers, too. So glad you had fun!
Love you, Grandma

pat said...

Could you share how you kept the food cold? Coolers and just replace ice?

Any packing tips? Washing the dishes?

Shelby said...

Looks beautiful Monica, you make mundane beautiful. Can't wait till Monday.

Mom said...

Awesome photos, as usual! :) Reminds me of our camping days years ago when you and Carrie were the cute dishwashing and water fetching brigade. :)

Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

I love how you always add touches of beauty to everything! We camp, but I seldom make things pretty. It's probably because I have eight children to pack for, to start with. I'd love any tips you have on how to pack light and still manage to bring some things to add simple homey touches.

*carrie* said...

You are a rockstar! That's a lot of days and therefore meals to plan for. Great job!

Jackie Kurtz said...

Where did you go camping in NC? We live there & just purchased a tent. Looking for good places to camp with our kids.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Jackie - Boone, NC area at Grandfather Campground. We have also camped at the Julian Price campground on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Happy Camping!