Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mini Bathroom Re-Do

A project bug bit me last Saturday and I was antsy to get going on making this one happen! I've been wanting to paint this top half of the wall above the bead board with chalkboard paint and I l.o.v.e. how it turned out!!!

I swapped out towels with what we already had, made the canning jar soap dispenser from things on hand and used paint from my cabinet. The only things I bought were the art prints above the hand towel from The Meek Boutique on etsy.

I didn't really take before photos except for this one:

You can see a little more before in this Spring Cleaning post from days gone by. I wish I still Spring Cleaned, now I am lacking energy, motivation and time! My children keep this bathroom in terrible condition so I invested this time and energy to fix it up a bit in hopes that it would help them keep it nicer. So far, it is helping - but no matter what I love the update!


Total project cost: $20
Total time: about 3-4 hours

Other things:
- towel hooks are from Hobby Lobby clearance
- bird cage is from Pier One years ago - I painted it a while back
- art over towel bar was painted by a family member
- wooden heart on towel is from a craft fair
- star towel holder from my sister
- fabric and thread garland was made to wrap a gift years ago and when I received it back I tied it up there and it has stayed that way!
- enamelware toothbrush cup was a gift from my Grandma
- handtowel was a gift from sweet CC friends
- clock and shower curtain from Target in years past


Shelby said...

So cute, turned out great Monica. Love your ingenuity:))) Love the chalk paint idea in a bathroom.

Meagazz said...

Wow! I never knew that painting a wall (or a portion of it) black could still make a space look so cute and rustic! You have such a knack for design and decorating!

Are you going to allow the littles to use chalk on the wall, or are you going to write up scripture or something?

Anonymous said...

Looks great!


Dawn said...

Children and bathrooms.

Mary Ann said...

Looks great, Monica! Love how you hardly spent any money to freshen this space up!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered wrapping the chalkboard paint around to the other side?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thanks everyone!

@Meagazz: I'm still debating! It looks so nice and clean right now :) I told my kiddos no writing *for now* and we'll see how it goes!

@Anonymous: No, not really. Since the bead board does not go all the way around it would take a LOT more paint. I could probably pull it off since there is a skylight in there but just wanted to do the one wall right now!

~katie~ said...

Lovely and inspiring projects, Monica!!! Love how you are able to write special messages to your family all around your home. Your special touches are always filled with love.

I just realized we have the same shower curtain! :)

I've been out of touch, but I do pray for you and your precious family.

Many blessings to you and yours,

Mom said...

Looks great! :)