Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 6

Jonah 4:8-11 -
In these last few verses, there is a conversation between Jonah and God. It is really an embarrassment for Jonah that this is remembered for all time.
- If you were writing an account of your life, can you relate to Jonah's exposure of himself?
- It is somewhat easy to look at Jonah's childish behavior and almost laugh at his drama and foolishness, but I think we can honestly look at our own selves and realize we do not always respond righteously.
- Imagine Jonah's tone of voice, body language, posture and facial expression {vs. 8-9} I imagine whiny, upset, dramatic, pitiful and woe-is-me attitudes.
- What caused Jonah to make such a bold statement?
- Look at God's response in verse 9 - our society tends to have such an "I deserve" mentality or "it's my right." Do you ever feel you have a "right" to be angry at God?

It feels like at the moment we are far from slow - the train has sort of derailed and we are not left with a neat and tidy ending. But, I hope we've seen the chaos that fills and follows a heart not committed to choosing slow. It does not look appealing, does not faithfully serve God or our own best interests. What a mess!

Let's finish it off - Jonah feels it is is right to be angry, even angry enough to die. When a child responds stubbornly like this, they are usually looking for you to make some concession to their bold demand. What could Jonah's intention have been? Spoiled and wanting God to change His mind? Perhaps feeling guilty? Lack of contentment and peace in his own heart, mind, life?

Honestly, it is just amazing God doesn't just zap him right then and there.

How does God respond? What if Jonah had a heart style of slow? Can you rewrite a possible ending?