Monday, November 03, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 5

Jonah 4:1-4 -
Jonah's response is surprising and difficult - What was his attitude after God withheld destruction on the Ninevites?
- I find it interesting that right after we learn his state of mind and response, he prays. But it is more of a tirade than a prayer. Can you relate?
- Have you ever felt angry at God's mercy or compassion? Jonah went so far as to say that life wasn't worth living anymore. Jonah recognized God's character accurately but he resented it.
- Process that for a minute and record any thoughts here.
- God asks Jonah a question: ____________________________________________?
- Jonah's answer is not recorded but by his behavior I'd infer that he thinks he has a right to be angry.

Jonah 4:5 -
Jonah huffs off, plops down and gets comfy waiting to relish the sight of Nineveh's destruction. It strikes me as difficult to understand Jonah - God has led him and protected him so powerfully. How could he forget so easily? Or treat God so poorly? He does not have a true heart of slow - he may have chosen slow tendencies on occasion, but it has not become a way of life or the heart. Jonah has not really allowed this life changing experience to change him. At least not for the better.

Jonah 4:6-8 -
Looking at these verses, the word "provided" appears three times - what three things did God provide:
- a vine for shade
- a worm to chew the vine
- a scorching east wind
You can draw a little happy or sad face next to each one to show how Jonah responded.

- What made Jonah happy? His own comfort
- Jonah did not need to be sitting there - it was his choice.
- Name some ways God provides for you!
- Jonah allowed his outer circumstances to dictate his feelings. How is that dangerous?