Monday, November 10, 2014

Celebrating Ten: Morning One

As I'm typing it is Halloween night and the photos above were this morning. It has been the best day! And I don't know exactly where to begin to capture the memories we've gathered throughout this day where time slowed in a beautiful way.

I had brought quiche tarts from pre-made at home and we enjoyed hot tea. I read aloud the Scriptures and devotional from She Reads Truth Hospitality study - loving that right now, new discovery for me and it is has been at a good time.

Then we snuggled up on the couch and started working our way through parts of The Care and Keeping of You book. I have an older version that I got on Paperback Swap and I notice now on Amazon it is divided into two books - haven't seen those personally. Anyway, the book was a fun springboard into some open conversation.

Then we pulled out her fabric and started making a quilt! We got the entire top of the quilt done in about an hour - she loves it so far!!! And, because I randomly walk down the hall during sewing a quilt and take house photos, there are a few of those sprinkled in too!

Lesson learned: it is really fun and non-stressful to sew with one child away from home. :)