Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebrating Ten: Ears Pierced!

After a slow morning, leisurely breakfast and some quilting - we were ready for an outing! I surprised Emily with the news that we were going to let her get her ears pierced! She has been wanting to get them done for several years and we had told her a future age, but ended up decided to go ahead. I'm glad we did - it was really fun and sweet! Plus we were able to hit one of Emily's favorite stores - Barnes & Noble!!!

It is a rare treat for us, but I love that she loves spending time in B&N because I grab an armload of magazines and then plop down in the kids section where we are both happy! At the end, I put the $70 {cough, cough} worth of magazines back and we grabbed a free cookie for her as part of the B&N Kids Birthday club. Yay!