Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 4

Jonah 2:10 -
How did God respond to Jonah's prayer? He acted and the fish obeyed.
- How does this give you hope for seeing how God hears our prayers? How He responds to a soft heart and watches over/cares for us?

Jonah 3:1-2 -
Jonah's assignment is issued - it has not changed from 1:1 but his response has.

Jonah 3:3 -
Look at the contrast of Jonah's responses:
1:3, "But Jonah __________   ______________ from the Lord."
3:3, "Jonah _________________ the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh."

Jonah 3:4-5 -
Jonah enters Nineveh and shares the message God has provided.
- How is it received?
- The people did at least three things in response, look in vs. 5 to find them:
1. they believed God
2. declared a fast
3. put on sackcloth

Take a minute to glance over your list of things we learned about the Ninevites. Does their response startle you in light of their reputation?

Jonah 3:6-9 -
Next we see that God's message makes it all the way to the top! List the actions involved in the king's response:
- rose from his throne
- took off his royal robes
- put on sackcloth
- sat in dust
- decreed a fast
- decreed sackcloth
- urges everyone to "call urgently on God"
- decrees that all should give up their evil ways

The King lowered himself and was doing the same things he asked of his people. He humbled himself. They are beginning to s.l.o.w.....

Jonah 3:10 -
Look at God's response, "He had ____________________ and _______ _______ bring the destruction He had promised."
- What does that do to your heart?
- How does it encourage or comfort you?