Monday, October 27, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 3

Beginning in Chapter 2 this time -


Finally, we see Jonah respond to God positively rather than running away. He prays. Perhaps he had prayed before this but it seems noticeable that this is the first prayer of Jonah mentioned.

Where was Jonah when he prayed?
Why is it important to note to WHOM he prayed?

I don't see Jonah ASKING for anything here. Notice the tone of his prayer which looks similar to a Psalm. Note all the references to God:

vs. 2 - He answered me
vs. 2 - You listened to my cry
vs. 3 - You hurled me into the deep
vs. 3 - Your waves and breakers swept over me
vs. 4 - Your holy temple
vs. 6 - You brought my life up from the pit
vs. 7 - I remembered You
vs. 7 - my prayer rose to You
vs. 7 - Your holy temple
vs. 9 - I will sacrifice to You
vs. 9 - salvation comes from the Lord

Is there one of these points that stands out to you above the others? For me, it was - "When my life was ebbing away, I remembered You, Lord."

Did Jonah ever FORGET God? Probably not, but he did lose sight of his perspective, he did lose faith, trust and a s.l.o.w. heart.

Practice thanksgiving like Jonah did - what can you find from his story to be thankful for?
- God cared for the Ninevites even in their wickedness
- God protected the ship crew and made Himself known to them
- God provided for Jonah and protected him as well
- God cared for Jonah's heart
- God remained true to His character

Now, how can you apply this exercise to your own life? Pick the hardest situation you are in right now, can you find things to be thankful for?