Friday, October 31, 2014

Slow in the Midst of Chaos

During our recent chaos, I craved normal, beauty, slowing, cozy. We stayed home from Tuesday to Tuesday straight and it was nice to be home that long but I was working soooo hard from 8am-11pm every day just to keep up and get things clean, vacuum, comb out heads of hair, change sheets and more. It is absolutely exhausting and not just physically.

I tried to sneak in moments of soul nourishment here and there. But I confess, overall my attitude was pretty yucky. I started Friday with these amazing quiche lorraine scones I've had pinned for a while. YUM. The end. They were amazing! And, they freeze well too I've since discovered. Friday ended up being a low point for us - but it was still worth starting the day with beauty which of course included feeding on God's Word.

I read Psalm 46 aloud after my Grandma mentioned it. It met me where I was in a deep place of need.

And, then a dose of reality - one of the days I took every single article of clothing from the girls dressers and washed, dried, folded and sorted it all. Then I taped the drawers shut for now! By the time this posts, Lord willing they will be untaped and we will be returning to some sense of normal life.

Here's the thing: it is very hard to slow in the midst of chaos. It feels like there is not time to slow, there is no mental energy or physical energy or emotional energy. And I know it depends on your personality how you slow. One of the ways I slow is to try a new recipe or make something lovely - for some that is not restful or peaceful at all and THAT IS OK!!!!!!! There is value in the slowing whatever form it takes.