Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Slow Day

A little pause from the usual slow photos - this summer has been busier than any summer in recent memory. And, I'm still trying to figure out how. This is frequently what our living room looks like these days not to mention the rest of the house and this even looks tame lately.

Just being honest and real. As much as I love slow and long for it - we are not succeeding right now very well it seems. I can't imagine how busy it would be if I weren't trying so hard to slow. Scary thought.

If I'm really being honest - I've been overwhelmed. Life is full and noisy and messy and it is doing a number on my heart and well being. I hit this point at least once a year it usually hits in the spring and then we enjoy a nice relaxing summer and I feel refreshed for school to begin.

This year, I'm more eager than usual for school to begin but not in that refreshed place I need to be yet with a school year ahead.

I've revisited a few past posts that really are where I'm at again now and perhaps there is a mama or two reading this who is in this place as well.

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