Monday, June 30, 2014

Polka Dot Master Bath Wall

Here's a peek at my new favorite wall in our house! I've long wanted to do something to dress up our bathroom a little bit but because it is small and the ceilings are high it has been a challenge. We received the lovely hydrangea photo for a wedding gift and it has been lonely on a beige wall in a beige room for the last decade.

Meanwhile, I see all these lovely polka dot walls on Pinterest and it finally dawns on me that could be a good solution. Add into all of that, our sweet CC mamas gave me etsy gift credit at the end of the year again and I took the plunge!

I love how quick this project was - really just about an hour maybe for a huge impact and difference. I just did the one wall as too many polka dots would be maybe not such a good idea!

Here are a few more photos - hard to capture in such a narrow room with no natural light! I think the gold polka dots just make that hydrangea frame/photo pop - love it! Wish I had taken a before photo - I'm sure I have one somewhere but you know when I get the bug to start a project I forget these details.

A few things:

* these dots are 1 1/2 inches
* it took the entire order of 105 dots to complete my wall
* I ordered them from here
* I did not measure - it is completely free hand, so don't look at my lines too closely - they are not perfect, but I love it!

Swoony! I've been working on a second project for the wall behind the door - will tell you about it soon!