Thursday, April 03, 2014

Slow: Exodus 3-12 Part Three

Exodus 7:14-8:7
In the verses that follow, we will see repeated instances of slow vs. hard hearts. Hard could be characterized like this: hard heart, arrogant, rejects God, defiant or disobedient.

Slow is not something we learn, receive and naturally live in; it will be a repeated choice, posture, attitude and lifestyle. Just as displayed here where Moses was asked to obey and act time after time and God told him in advance that Pharaoh would harden his heart.

Exodus 8:8-15
When desperate, Pharaoh called Moses and asked him to pray for relief. Moses did and God answered but when relief came, Pharaoh hardened his heart again and rejected a surrender to God. This temporary surrender is not a true heart for God.

Exodus 8:16-19
God's timing may seem slow to us or even ridiculous but remember His goal: His glory! Now, the fruit is beginning to bud on the tree - the magicians are admitting a surrender that these signs and wonders are God's doing.

Exodus 8:23
There should be something distinct about me as I follow God this way.

Exodus 9:13
This is not really in context, but it jumped out at me that Moses was to go to Pharaoh first thing in the morning. He was not to delay. Getting up early and listening to God's plan has been a blessing in my days. Get started on the waiting work right away.

Exodus 9:27-28
You cannot half-heartedly choose surrender. God is not fooled.

Exodus 9:29-30
Do not be tricked by false interest. Listen to God not the voices of those who do not know Him.

Exodus 10:1-2
How we respond to this call will set an example for our children and give us opportunity to invest in their hearts. And, will be for God's glory.

Exodus 10:3
Just as we can offer to share our faith, we can offer to share what we have learned or our experience with slow. But, we never force someone to receive it.

Exodus 10:4-15
When I refuse God's way and do not choose a posture of humility before God - chaos, "true chaos" will follow me. We think we have chaos in our day to day and we do to a degree. But imagine the exponential difference to a chaos that is the result of rejecting God.

Exodus 10:16-20
Surrender must not be temporary or it is not lasting and true.

Exodus 10:21-11:10
These scenes unfolding are a beautiful picture of God being slow to anger. He is giving Pharaoh opportunity after opportunity to repent and choose a better way. Another picture this brings to mind is that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Pharaoh's burden is unbearable because of his sin.

Last part tomorrow!