Friday, April 04, 2014

Slow: Exodus 3-12 Part Four

Exodus 12:1-28
This reminds me that God can make a way when the way before us looks impassable. When we are walking in obedience before Him and with the posture of a "slow" heart - we are in the best place we could ever possibly be: resting in the center of His will. Notice verse 27, "...then the people bowed down and worshiped."

They had the perfect slow day! They surrendered, made themselves less, obeyed and worshiped.

Imagine laying down to sleep that night. In contrast, imagine both people groups and how their rest and state of hearts differ.

Exodus 12:29-42
God will always win whether we choose to follow His plan or not. God's timing is always right, but it is not always slow and restful. This was a very intense season in these lives. They were learning new things and obeying in new ways. They did not have time to prepare bread with yeast so they brought unleavened bread.

It is interesting to note they were not to save any meat until morning - as much as I like to work ahead and plan ahead, that takes a measure of faith away from the current day.

Look in verses 35-36: God provided for His people in creative ways!

Verse 41: did you ever notice that God brought them out on the exact day that marked another year in Egypt? They lived in Egypt 430 years but were not in slavery or the current misery all of those years.

Similarly, we may walk a path in rightness for a period of time and then find God is leading us in a new direction.

Verse 42: worship!


I have pages and pages more of written notes to share from digging into God's Word looking for slow! So excited!

And, that sweet little head bowed and knee bent in prayer at the end of his first flag football game - precious!