Monday, August 12, 2013


Thankful really describes how I've been feeling lately. The main thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up was a wife and mama, even when I was grown up and on my own this was the desire of my heart.

I have just been full of thankfulness in my heart when I realize that God has brought these dreams and desires to reality in my life and that I get to spend my days with the sweet children He has blessed us with.

And, there has been an overwhelming thankfulness that we are privileged to be able to home school our children. Some of you may think I'm crazy for saying that or even perhaps wish you were not home schooling, but in just sharing my heart - it is a blessing to me and our family.

Read this post the other day and spied the "sunshine" garland - swoony! Decided to try and make one myself using this template - I choose Tiffany Blue and left all fields blank then went into Paint and eliminated remaining text. You can drop this clip art in Word and add a text box to put each letter in and spell any word you want. I loved the rainbow loveliness of the original, but what I ended up with goes better with where I had in mind to hang it. I did a little searching and found the source of the original idea here and here.