Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Beauty Gift

Friday afternoon I was in Publix getting a few sale items and produce and after reading Ann's post and once again feeling inspired by the beauty she spreads - I had hoped to find some flowers as well.

I got all my shopping done and had looked at the small section of flowers back in the produce department but nothing really jumped out at me. So, I sort of forgot about it. As we were in the check out line, Rachel saw David's Mom at the other end of the front of the store so I headed that way when we were finished. We chatted for just a minute and I realized I was right in front of another flower display. These were less arranged and cheaper for you to mix and match and just arrange your own - perfect - just what I was looking for.

These pinkish purplish roses immediately caught my eye because I loooove roses that are extra opened like this! But, I did debate and wonder if I should pay full price for roses that were so open as they really won't last that much longer. After hemming and hawing for a few moments, I decided to go for it and headed our cart back to the check out line. Rachel carried the flowers and handed them to the checker.

As she scanned them, one flower broke off and fell out and another had all the petals completely fall off. She asked if I still wanted them and I did but I didn't want to pay full price for them. I was still willing to love and enjoy them for a few days even if they were about to fall apart.

I stood there sort of trying to decide and she said we could just have them since they were so past their prime and would probably get tossed out anyway. Yippee! I was thrilled and gratefully accepted this little gift of beauty.

Of course, I brought them home and took a bunch of photos and they worked their way into a number of weekend moments!

Creating just a little more beauty - two limes from the store and everything from our house or yard! Inspired by this - but mine is just rosemary, lime and water!