Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beauty Stalker


A number of months ago, we hung a hummingbird feeder on our front porch. Well, these little dears have definitely discovered us because they are coming a lot and bringing their friends! I've been stalking them to try and get a picture and I'd still love a picture of one of the bright green ones! But, yesterday for the first time - there was one sitting still frequently on a couple of different branches of our rose bush. I do hope this means there is a nest nearby and she is guarding it!

Observed: first of all, I've never seen a hummingbird sit this still for this long; I saw it open it's beak! I'd always thought their beaks were like a little straw to sip nectar but it must hinge open. Fascinating! We have had quite a bit of fun watching them and hunting for the hoped-for-nest.

Yes, this looks like a good place for a nest - well decorated and close to food. Plus, the mama of the house (me) hums a lot. Have I ever mentioned that? I don't hum quite as much now as I did when I was a child, but I can remember my poor 4th grade teacher telling me I would have to stand outside until I was done humming and the hardest part was/is that I often do not realize I am humming. I suppose it means that my heart is happy inside...and now my children hum, sing and whistle all the time.

Just letting beauty catch my eye on the way back from the mail box! Next, my friend Melissa and I usually make a short jaunt to a tea room once or twice a year for lunch. We planned to go before school started and I am so glad we went! When we arrived, we found out they are closing, at least as we know it, something will still be there but sounds quite different. It was all the more special to enjoy it knowing it was the last time to visit there. After inquiring, we each purchased a tea cup from their collection used to serve tea in, to remember this special place and all our fun memories there.

All the sweet ones at home had fun too and played wedding and made flower soup!

Emily spied this lizard while we were out hunting for the hoped-for-hummingbird-nest and asked me to take its picture. I've learned to appreciate lizards as they eat bugs. Ok, lizards eat your hearts out.

 Have a great day, friends!