Monday, July 29, 2013

Beauty is Beckoning

Because trees are plentiful around here, we cannot see the sunset clearly from our yard. However, through the trees we can see the beauty that is there to be seen if we choose to chase it. My children are always up for an adventure and in less than five minutes we are at a boat landing where we can clearly see the beauty waiting for us.

Water laps the shoreline which is very rocky and full of wonderful sticks to play with! We wandered out onto the dock and each child chose a number and we read that Psalm aloud and praised our great Beauty Maker!

It feeds our souls to soak up beauty that our Creator has lavished upon us and before us. To soak in not only His created beauty but the beauty of His Word and the peacefulness of softly stirring water, birds flying, sky calming.

I am so thankful that my children have a love for beauty too. They frequently call me to see a dragonfly, watch a bird, see the beautiful sky, a butterfly, a flower, something that has caught their beauty attention. That is beauty in itself!