Monday, April 29, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Our first date to pick berries was rained out - so it was fun to be spontaneous on Saturday and go pick! Samuel did not want to go - so it turned out to be a girls only outing and we weren't making jam this time around since we still have some from last year so were picking less anyway.

I love seeing families out in the fields picking together. And, seeing mamas with babies wrapped on or in a carrier brings back memories of doing the very same myself. This year, I was able to just be a photographer and be present in the moment without having to wrangle a bunch of energy - and it was nice.

I loved seeing God's creative hand in the beauty of plants and food. The sky was gray - my fave! I love the aqua cardboard berry boxes holding red jewels of fruit and the handled cardboard berry boxes full of berries too!  It is fun supporting local treasures like this and we also had fun stopping at a favorite little shop on the way home that my Mom and I have frequented in the past. I spotted this lovely bench out front:


Mom said...

Fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks fun, we haven been in several years, so I'm looking for a farm to pick at this year.

Christy Stanton said...

How fun and I like Emily's shirt and we have lots of hummingbirds here in Yuma Arizona!: )

Elise said...

Love the pics!! I can't wait to go strawberry picking, but our places are getting so expensive at $10 a bucket! I am looking forward to making jam this year. I tried doing it with less sugar one year, and it was just nasty! Oh, my husband shipped out your glasses today. I'm nothing if not punctual-ha!

angie said...

Your photo was clear enough to see the microscopic fuzz on the berry and stem! I noticed that our strawberry fields have been planted and covered in plastic. Can't wait to pick in about a month.