Thursday, April 25, 2013

Open Tabs

Perhaps I should have titled this post, Books I've Read as that is what it mostly is! However, here are a few links ~ do you have any to share?

Books I read in March: {starred was my favorite read this month}
Echo in Celebration by Leigh Bortins
Bygones by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Where Willows Grow by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long
My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade*
Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

April books: {starred was my favorite read this month}
The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen*
Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen
The Icecutter's Daughter by Tracie Peterson
The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

This quote from Ann Voskamp:
"She decided for art, to make her life art. She would make it all art — it all would be art, worship, a gift back."

This video is worth every moment of watching -


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a really powerful video. I remember this really pretty girl in high school, and one day she was talking about all the things she didn't like about her looks and I thought, "Is she crazy? She is so pretty, I'd love to look like her." We just pick ourselves apart.

Milissa said...

LOVED this video. Actually, I LOVE the Dove Beauty campaign. Here is an old one...but I think everyone should see this one as well. What we see on tv, billboards, and in magazines is NOT an accurate portrayal of what actually exists.

This commercial is 1:14...and worth it.

harknessangels said...

Amazing video! Thanks so much for sharing it! I am watching this with my daughter.

angie said...

My daughter asked what I was watching this morning. She is not accustomed to me watching videos. I am definately a visual, not auditory, learner. But this Dove video was enlightening, and I will share it with her later.
Monica, you are averaging a book or more each week. I need to pick up my reading speed as there is so much that I want to read. I'm embarrassed to admit how long my "to read" wish list is. Right now, I am reading/skimming 'The Penny Whistler Traveling with Kids' and just finished 'SAHM I Am'. This summer, I want to read at least one book along with each of my kids. This is more of a time commitment now that they are reading at a higher level. Often, their books have more pages than those that I am reading!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

LOVE the Dove ad! Thanks for the book suggestions. I Just reserved Lily's Wedding Quilt and One Thousand Gifts. One thing I love about the Amish (besides the country life) is how they make each and every chore...not work but a blessing to their family. In a wolr of stress my Amish books calm me :o)

connie said...

I loved the Dove Ad... so many have critized the ad, but I love how it speaks volume's of truth. So many of us look in the mirror and see something so different and this makes it all clear. I was once told by a coworker that I had sadness in my eyes, what she didnt know was I wasnt sad, I was fearful of being hurt by other's... We all need to uplift each other and not tear each other down. But mostly, we need to accept ourselves as God has made us.. Simply Amazing, Simply Different and Simply Wonderful..