Friday, February 15, 2013

The Slowing

Questions about Slow Day continue to come as I share our Slow Day photos each week. What is it and how does it work and how can I work that into our schedule, etc. And, while I have shared about Slow Day before, have I ever truly communicated how wonderful this day is? How restorative? How needed and beneficial?

First, the background:
my first thoughts on beginning a Slow Day in our home
Why Slow Day?
What is Slow Day?
How to implement Slow Day?

 Now, to pause and consider the benefits and beauty of slowing.

My first thought is that every time I look back at these posts, I see beauty. This is life-giving to me and so healing in many ways. There are precious memories held in these days. There is life being lived fully in our little plot of space in the vast universe. But, these Slow Day posts each week also serve to remind and inspire me.

They remind me. Looking back over them reminds me why we started Slow Day and what it is really about. It helps me see if we are even getting too busy on our Slow Day at home though we don't go anywhere - getting too busy is still a reality I must be reminded of and be conscious to reign in.

They inspire me. By helping me see things I am doing right in my home and with my children when the tendency of my heart is to focus on all the things I'm not doing well or even failing at. The photos of moments captured inspire me to Slow Days ahead and to press on in this.

Slow Day is also this: a boundary. This has become a blessing as well. A common question in our home first thing in the morning is, "What are we doing today? Are we going anywhere?" I absolutely love Wednesdays when I can say, "It is our day to stay home today!"

And, this also reminds. This whole Slow Day concept is not just for the home-loving Mama and her spirit {though the blessings there are huge!} but it is to set an example of slowing and enjoying to my children as well. Showing them we don't have to be go, go, going all the time. That there are boundaries and they are not unpleasant.

When someone asks how can I work in a Slow Day - I think of a few thoughts.

How can I not? I have been on the other side of this concept where we had too much planned {though still not as much as we could!} and were left feeling frazzled in the wake of the effects of that. I've lived through not having this kind of boundary in place and all I can say is that it works here. It is something God laid on my heart for our home and it has been such a blessing.

It is a process, a learning. As said just above, we have not always done this and are still learning what it means. Will I ever truly know all it means? It is God's idea and as He reveals and reminds - I am eager to learn, the other times I am content to continue it and delight in it.

Think of what would work for you - perhaps a whole day to slow is not possible or even desired. Could you set aside a couple of hours or evenings for slowing?  Here is a thought I'm pondering and trying to observe. Life seems to go in cycles for me - I will get into a great routine and be able to do my chores, know what we're having for dinner, etc. for a while and then something will give and it will all come crashing down which will overwhelm me.

Sometimes this overwhelmed feeling last months, sometimes only a few days. What I'm trying to observe now is what helps me to come back up out of that overwhelmed state sooner. I have a theory  right now that I'm testing out and it relates to a sermon I heard years ago before I was married. I'm not ready to share more than that yet - but I am on the watch for what God is doing in this.

All this to say, I cannot imagine our week without this glorious pause in the middle.

Photos: making a birdie garland, also wonderful for slowing! You can print these lovely birds here, thanks to Annalea for the link! And, I added Scripture referencing birds: Isaiah 40:31, Genesis 1:20, Psalm 148:7,10, Psalm 50:11, Psalm 84:3, Luke 12:7 and Matthew 6:26. In the smaller garland shown above, I wrote out a larger portion of Psalm 84, but in three others I made, I used the above verses on vintage French paper my sister brought me years ago. I've had fun making it last a long time!


Anonymous said...

I love your slow day posts. SO grateful for slow days!! tammyp

Jen said...

I LOVE these birds! LOVE them. Think we could talk her into doing spring/summer birds? :-) Can I ask what you printed them on?

my "littles" are 13, 15, 17, and 20 (and married!) now but I so wish I had known about Slow Day when they were young. I was blessed to stay home with them and we did a pretty good job of not being overly busy but I wish I had been more intentional about it.

Be blessed!

Leanne said...

I think your slow days are inspiring... when, I was growing up, I don't think people were as "scheduled"... I never played a sport, took music lessons, or even participated in too many extra-curricular actitivities. I still had friends, received my high school diploma, which led to a nursing degree, and have held either gainful employment or stayed at home with my children for nearly 20 years! Our society tells us busy is better...but really, its just busy! I have one "slow time" every actually comes in the form of my running on the treadmill...That is a priority, and I have to have a really good reason for giving it up!!
love this post, Monica! Frazzled is good for no one! not our husbands, childrens, or friends! thanks for sharing!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Love the birds printed on the natural paper on the wooden crate! I also notice we have times where I feel I have it all together with cooking, meal planning, cleaning ect... and other times life gets in the way and I go with the flow.

*carrie* said...

Ahhh, that paper! I totally remember buying that in a little seaside town.

So glad Slow Day has been a blessing to all of you!

Anonymous said...

This inspired me so much! I've recently become a mother, started blogging etc etc. Taking time to slow down and be grateful. Loved this post! Your blog has given me so much inspiration and a longing for Christ's good joy. Thank you for sharing!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Jen: I love the brown recycled craft paper cardstock - that is what I use for most everything!

Angelia said...

You wrote these words that bandade my heart.

"They inspire me. By helping me see things I am doing right in my home and with my children when the tendency of my heart is to focus on all the things I'm not doing well or even failing at"

The captured moments in pictures can truely be medicine for a weary momma soul.

These winter birds are lovely. I printed them and wrote the scriptures. Tonight I will knit a small rope to hang them off of. Now to find the sweet little place to hang it.....
❤Angelia in TX

Amy said...

Thank you so much the the links to the birds I LOVE them and your craft is so cute. Love slowing down.

Lisa said...

It is so nice to read this post. Peace and calm just flow out of it!

~katie~ said...

Love how the Lord is working this quiet into your life and how you are weaving it into the lives of your children! &hearts!

The birds are darling, and the Scriptures you paired with them ~ what a lovely display of truths to ponder!

♥ Isaiah 32:17-18 ♥

Amen to these glorious pauses. =)

Blessings on your weekend~

Rhonda said...

I think I need to take up your slow day habit and I also need to make my own pretty bird and Bible verse art.
You have the best ideas. Thank you.

I am still enjoying my toile heart that I copied from when you posted about it about 5 years ago. Valentines day has passed but my heart is still hanging on the front door and I think it is just going to stay there.