Friday, February 01, 2013

Family Night

These photos don't exactly go with our Family Night - but they sure do show a few little family members having a great time together! Incidentally, they had raked a big pile of leaves and then made it a "mattress" like Laura and Mary may have done!

We enjoyed a relaxing evening together last Friday! I picked up buy one get one free frozen pizzas from the grocery store, a movie using a free code {Flicka 3} and a container of ice cream for homemade blizzards!

I love hearing your Family Night ideas as sometimes I am just not feeling inspired with a fun idea - so please share if you've done something fun together lately!


Wendi said...

We are currently watching the Flicka movies as part of our Friday night movie. Tonight will be movie #2. Movies are all we have been doing for family fun night as it is super cold and we just want to snuggle and be cozy!

The leaf mattress looks fun!

Amy said...

We had an indoor snowball fight using balled up sock. It was so fun!

angie said...

Hmmm.. I know we have seen Flicka, but I'm not sure about any of the sequals. I will have to check those out.
Our family nights have been fleeting moments due to my kids' activities. We manage to squeeze in a quick board/card game here and there.
Last weekend my son was away on a youth retreat. My daughter is learning to sew, so she corraled Dad and Mom into the craft room for lessons. My son and husband have been going to basketball games at the local univ on Sat afternoons.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

We don't really change up our family nights. (Other than those impromptu nights that turn into them!) Saturday afternoon/evening is our Sabbath, and imperative to helping our busy Sundays run smoothly; my husband is the minister to two churches in two different communities, twenty-one mountain miles apart. Again, rest is imperative. :)

So Saturday afternoon/evening is media-free, and we use as few lights as possible; this keeps us all close together. We play board games, Huckle Buckle Beanstalk (one person hides a clothespin and the rest come out to find it; the first to do so (harder than it seems!)quietly says, "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk!" and sits down, the rest keep looking. Last to find it gets to hide it next.) and other such *together* games.

This takes planning ahead on my part because I want dinner to be fun and enjoyable, but easy to clean up so we can enjoy the evening. I guess if anything gets changed up, it's the Saturday evening menu! :) I pop a big bowl of kettle corn while we clean up and we're set for snacks, too.

Simple seems to work best for us; we've had this routine for a year and a half now, since we moved here, and I'm always in awe and so thankful that we've been able to maintain it. The children look forward to it and sometimes remind us that it's Sabbath!

And in the winter months, we heat our little home entirely with a wood stove, so less artificial light and the need for warmth keeps us so close. In warmer weather months, we take lots of walks on the trail out back and by the river.

I love your family night posts- keep them coming! <3

Elise said...

You are so awesome!!! I cannot even think of family nights, horrible as it sounds, because by the time Friday is here, I am DONE!!! I need to be better about that. I do want to make memories with my family and I think you are excellent at that.
Happy Weekend!

Mom said...

Fun, fun, fun!
Love, Mom