Monday, October 29, 2012

Open Tabs

A cute little owl snack for our snack turn at CC the week we dissected owl pellets!

I love this article on Being Yourself When Decorating!

These dinnertime placemats remind me of some fun placemats my Mom had when we were growing up!

I want to remember these two printables when Thanksgiving rolls around:
Utensil holder
Cute printables for kids!

I appreciated this article from Kelle Hampton about making Fall what we want it to be rather than what the weather dictates. As a fellow coastal southerner - I can really relate to this!

Apple Fritter Muffins - fallish and delicious!!!

Do you say, "Just a minute ..." as much as I do? Loved this post.

And, continuing the theme on slowing - Joy's post - love.

Ok, and one more - can you tell where I'm at right now? Blogging is not the source of my overwhelmed feelings, but they are still there. This post just really hit me and has been rolling around in my heart and mind.

October 14th - we watched this together as a family live online - w.o.w.

Another great post about slowing and the consequences of busy.

A quiet-craving heart? Yes, a kindred spirit!

This was pure beauty on a not-feeling-good morning recently. 

Still looking for the perfect potato soup - we tried this, it was absolutely divine left over and so warm and soothing to a sore throat! Delish!


Mom said...

Oh my word, how did David get his hands on a cardinal?!? I thought of you when I read another of Kelle's recent posts about setting up for a pumpkin-carving party and asking her husband to haul a certain table out to the backyard -- reminded me of your Thanksgiving preparations last year! :) Love you, Mom

Sherie said...

What a beautiful post! I love the bird photo! I am truly a bird girl!

angie said...

This post reminded me of being at a junction in a wooded trail. So many paths to go down, so much to take in along each way.
I printed out those utensil holders awhile ago. A good reminder to get out the colored pencils while the rain keeps us home.