Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Night: Super-Hero Fun!

Inspired by this post and this study, I had fun scouring Pinterest for some Super Hero fun! One Saturday afternoon, I spent a little more than an hour prepping all this fun while the rest of my family was out at 4H.

Simple capes were made (use selvage edge and only sew the casing for ribbon at the top!) and sticky back felt helped littles make their OWN crest and initials on their cape. I had them pre-cut, but they got to assemble! Via this idea.

We started with a fun dinner {foodie ideas via Pinterest!}:

After dinner, we worked through the Mighty Men study, colored the coloring pages I had used to serve chips and made capes! "Super" fun! We thought of a bunch of other brave men in the Bible too and talked about where they got their strength and courage - from God!

I'm always on the hunt for Family Night ideas and would love to hear your ideas too!


Julian said...

Awesome ideas foe a fun night!

Wendi said...


Mom said...

Super fun! :)
Love, Mom

Valerie said...

Cute as always! You've inspired me to start Family Fun Night...but not tonight! We too have a family 4H activity to attend. Tonight is the October meeting held at one of the member's family farm! My kiddos are over the moon with excitement.

Blessings, Monica,


Tim and Susan said...

As a mom of 3 boys, this is a super cute idea. Very Fun. Is that book, "Into all the World" good? I'll have to look it up..
Blessings, Susan

*carrie* said...

Very fun, Monica!