Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Days of Beauty: When it is Not Valued

One hard thing about beauty is that not everyone values it as much as I do. It can be frustrating to me to see others disregard or even mock beauty.

Sometimes, even the little hearts that I've invested so much into hoping they will appreciate beauty just don't get it. I know, they are children. I know, they have fun things to play and imaginations to make reality. I'm also saying - sometimes it just plain hurts when others don't get what we are passionate about. Ok, what I am passionate about.

I'm reminded of a late summer afternoon when I was hoping to provide some clean up motivation. Clean up is a very difficult task that basically never ends around here and my helpers are not always willing or cooperative. Anyway, in a beauty-loving effort, I rallied the troops with the enticement of a fresh baked peanut butter brownie tea party, game and art time together if they would get the clean up done.

I was getting giddy and excited just thinking about what a sweet time we were going to have together and what fun memories we would make. But, they did not clean up. I presented my idea again with a cheerful voice and hoped they could hear how much I wanted them to make this happen so we could enjoy this together!

The second time did not work either, and we never had the warm brownies with milk tea party, game and craft. I was so sad and disappointed. I was disappointed that they did not care. Disappointed that they did not value my idea enough to want to enjoy it together. Disappointed and discouraged.

I made my own beauty and curled up with an inspiring read. But, this reminded me that beauty can be misunderstood, under valued and even ignored. These thoughts towards beauty hurt me because I love and value it so much - but I have to remind myself that not everyone does.

My children were not out to see how hurtful they could be. They were being children, dilly dallying and playing and not wanting to clean up. The same is likely true of others as well, if I feel like they don't value beauty as much as I do - perhaps they don't. We're not all wired the same and that's ok. And, I think it is also ok that I do value beauty and do value the effort put into it. I think it is ok that it may hurt my feelings if beauty isn't valued as long as I don't dwell on that or let it bring me down.

This is the risky part of sharing those deep parts of ourselves. We may be misunderstood. We may be dismissed. But, it strikes me as pure beauty when we stand in the face of that and continue to enjoy and be passionate about those things that make us tick.

Photos: Other beauty not always valued as seen on a recent trip to the Botanical Gardens.


Mom said...

I always enjoy your posts about beauty, but my favorite part of this post is the line about the beauty of continuing to enjoy what makes us tick even when others do not -- another way of saying be true to yourself! :) Love you, Mom

Julian said...

Thats beautiful. As a mom, I completely understand where youre coming from. I have also tried different approaches to a clean house,and creating beauty,only to have it flop. Keep enjoying what your beauty is to you. Dont let it get you down. Dont let others steal your joy. Seeing beauty is a gift. Christina

Wendi said...

Those are some great pictures! You really captured the web.

I understand what you are saying. :)

*carrie* said...

I love this paragraph: This is the risky part of sharing those deep parts of ourselves. We may be misunderstood. We may be dismissed. But, it strikes me as pure beauty when we stand in the face of that and continue to enjoy and be passionate about those things that make us tick.

And I really connect with that even with something that happened today. Will tell you more on phone sometime.

angie said...

If you make another pan of peanut butter brownies, I will do all of the clean-up!!

Becky said...

I always save your posts for when I am on my computer rather than my phone because I enjoy your beauty so much. I forward on your tea party and prayer shower ideas. I pin your clever table settings and snacks. You always inspire me to see if I might be able to manage just a snippit of what you share and I keep reflecting on how to manage a slow day with my little people. I am so impressed at how you have managed to remain true to yourself and find beauty amongst all the noise of poular culture.

There is a link-up that I participate in sometimes at: http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.ie/ that you might like. They do "pretty, funny, happy, real" on Thursdays and it's where we all find the previous in everyday, family life.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

And that last line? Truly what it is like to exit the little years and enter the big boy years, the teenage years... I still have little ones at home that *seem* to appreciate the beauty I thrive upon, who come running (most of the time) for an impromptu tea party, or baking in the kitchen, or sewing some bunting and hanging it in a surprising place.

I am thankful to still be in the little years, even as I have these big people who mess things up in a different way, but who also leave a stack of chopped firewood behind their muddy footprints, or a freshly raked or mowed lawn behind grass stains and pebbles in the washer, who don't seem to notice the scented candle or linger to sip a cool beverage with a sprig of mint I prepared because I was sure they would need to rest after their hot, exhausting work. ;)

Can you tell I'm so there with you? So I'll plump the pillows and light the candles, hang the wreaths and slide another tray of cookies in the oven. And while a little one grows inside me and two other little ones cling to my hips in wonder of what I'll do next, I'll remember your words and enjoy what makes me tick.

Thank you for this encouragement, Monica. I so appreciate you.