Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Days of Beauty: What is Slow Day?

Yesterday I presented my case for Slow Day - but I haven't really touched on what it is. Here we go!

As this idea was forming this summer, the words slow day were in my mind and the idea began as this: a day we could stay home and have no outside commitments. A day we were able to slow each week.

When thinking along these lines, the natural next thought is ok, when would I do that and what day would be good for that. Honestly, I got stuck here already. I really didn't want Monday or Friday to be our slow day because they were on the edge of the weekend and I was afraid we'd lose our rhythm. Tuesday was out because we have our CC group that day. Thursday was ballet and soccer and Wednesday is Children's Choir at church.

Oh boy. Yes, we need Slow Day - but how to fit in in?! Ahem.

I began to talk to my Mom about all of this - we were at their house for our summer visit and I needed to process and figure this out. It bothered and embarrassed me that I could not figure out when to fit a slow day in. We started talking through our schedule and my Mom wisely suggested Wednesday.

It is in the middle of the week - perfect! It is the day after CC - needed! David does take our children to choir at church, but I stay home. I was initially trying really hard to make it a day we don't need to go anywhere - but my wonderful Mom helped me see that this really could work and be a good solution.

We decided on Wednesday. Ok, so now the day is figured out, but what does slow day really look like?

My next thoughts were that my production could not cease on slow day for that would just leave me feeling behind other days and I would struggle to keep this routine because it was setting me up for failure.

So the first important note about what Slow Day is would be that it is not a ceasing of work. We still have school, I still do laundry. Our basic routine is the same as any other day.

Slow Day is a call to slow. It is a day to regroup and pull in. It's a day I can say yes to other things like taking a walk, picnics, making breakfast special, playing a game and longer reading times. It is a day we get out and enjoy nature, a day for tea parties and yes, making lunch special too!

I usually try to listen the other days and have at least one idea ready for slow day each week. They might mention a game - ok, we'll play a game. Or, I might decide to bake - perfect for a tea party. I don't try to create extra work for myself but try to see how I can use what is available.

I've tried to make Wednesday our day to have a hot breakfast and lunch - something out of the usual cereal, cheese and crackers fare that my children love.

Ok, so Slow Day is slowing down enough to say yes, choosing to stay home, a big white space of open bliss on the calendar. Now, how do we make this work in our home?


Sally said...

wonderful post! This gives me much to think about!

~katie~ said...

My comment just posted over at Carrie's, so I'm hoping my commenting issue is completely resolved. Let's see...

I really appreciate these slow day posts and thank you for posting how the explanation behind and the implementation of them. I'm sure there has been a huge benefit in health and spirit for each member of your family! What a blessing!

Blessings on your day~

Blissful & Domestic said...

I love your slow day posts and am thinking of doing the same. Thanks sharing all you do. Very inspiring M;)

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

Heather said...

Thank you for posting more about your Slow Days, Monica! I especially enjoyed how you shared the process of taking the idea and making it work for your family.

It's funny--I've been doing lots of baking, hot breakfasts & lunches, etc. lately and frequently feeling burned out. Just hearing that your kids love cereal & cheese & crackers makes me think maybe it would be good for me to spend time simplifying this area for my own sanity! These things are all good--but can contribute to the "too much" on my plate (figuratively) when you add in all the rest of life and homeschooling!

Anonymous said...

I have checked your blog for a while and never commented- I have always loved seeing your wonderful ideas. One thought struck me today- isn't the Sabbath really the ultimate "slow day." We are christians who have tried to incorporate a "day of rest" into our busy lives but to me, that day would logically fall on Sunday as the bible intends. Have you considered moving your slow day to Sunday? If not, I would be interested why not. I was taught that the sabbath is the day to enjoy the world that God had made- to slow down to enjoy it. Seems so much like your Wednesday slow day. Anyway just a thought. Keep blogging- it is an encouragement to me and others!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comment! In my mind it was an assumption that Sunday is a Sabbath rest. So, yes - Sunday is a Slow Day as well! But, I was looking to bring that Slow Day to the week and routine of life as well. This is not INSTEAD of Sabbath, but in ADDITION :)

Wendi said...

I love the part about "slowing down enough to say yes" I really need to work on that.

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE PICTURE of our littles.
Thanks for sharing. Your slow day sounds great to me right now!

Love, Grandma

Mom said...

It has been a blessing to read your thoughts on the concept of Slow Day and to see the accompanying photos! Thank you for your sweet words about my input. :) I'm glad it has been successful for you and your family! Love you lots, Mom

Karate Mom said...

Thanks for the explanation of Slow Day Monica. I am going to chat about this idea with my husband and see if we can implement it in our home. I need to say yes more often to the things like games and baking and nature walks, etc.