Friday, August 03, 2012

Family Night: Olympics!

Family Night has been less than sporadic around here lately and it has really been my desire to do what I could to bring it back! So many posts and pins on line inspired me to do something for the Olympics!

We don't have any way of watching the Olympics at home, but David's mom does! Instead of watching the Opening Ceremony - we preferred to see actual events! So Sunday after church was a great time to catch some swimming and gymnastics!

I made brownies in a pizza pan and instead of frosting them and then doing the M&M rings, I just put the M&M's right on top before baking. {inspired by this}

We did a cute maze and made flags - here is Samuel's!

Playing a fun Olympic game!

Gold medals for all thanks to my Mom!

Completely unrelated, but have you ever seen such a *cute* pizza box?!

Any Family Night activity with any of you lately? Please inspire me with your great ideas!


Mary Ann said...

We ate fish and chips for supper while watching the opening ceremony on NBC (with antenna). I found the recipe for both from an All You email, but totally cheated on the chips and opened a bag of sweet potato chips instead of making something! One thing I could do to simplify and make life so much easier that night!

*carrie* said...

So funny, Monica. I did something similar with M+Ms!

I've never seen a decorated pizza box--hope the contents were just as lovely. =)

~katie~ said...

That pizza box is darling! I thought it was a book cover at first.

Cute Olympic activities! I just saw a similar M+M creation on another blog ~ yum!

Have a good weekend!

Lisar said...

How sweet to see you using the free printable game whose company a few families from my church own and run...they have had quite a few freebies recently, especialy since they have just started selling their products in the US. Hope you are enjoying it.

Mom said...

Fun! :)
Love, Mom

angie said...

We have been watching the Olympics this summer more than I ever remember. We should participate in some activities to make it more meaningful. Hmmm....