Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafting Beauty for Hard Times

Every Saturday, I look forward to Ann's posts of weekend ideas and links. There is such beauty to be found there and we frequently do at least one of the ideas listed. So, a couple of Saturdays ago was no exception - I waited anxiously to see what she would suggest and was inspired.

She linked these cute DIY - Bird Cage Lanterns and God brought a friend to mind instantly who is going through chemo and I knew I wanted to make some of these for her and for myself!

Sunday afternoon arrived full of time and inspiration and was sprinkled with cozy rain. So, the time was right to get the crafting goodies out!

And why not make my crafting space pretty too?! I love the candle inside an old potato ricer - the green chippy paint is perfect!

Of course, I made a couple of changes to the original idea - or perhaps I should say additions. I added a circle of paper to the underneath side of the lid just so the bright colors would not show while it was hanging, and then put moss inside the bird cage to make it look more nest-like - that was my favorite addition!

After that, I wanted to make it meaningful before sending it, so I hung words that I would be praying. I am hoping she can hang this across her bed and as she is laying there not feeling well, I pray it would be a blessing, a beauty and an encouragement to her soul.

I made a few little birdy cages for us too that are hanging in my kitchen window. Now, enough words - lots more pictures to come...

When things are hard and I don't know how to comfort or what to say - crafting comes from my heart and pours forth worship to the One who created this in me. And, I'm trusting that He takes it and blesses it to the receiving heart as well.


LynnMarie said...

I'm sure that your friend felt loved and blessed to receive this gift from you.What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Very neat. We have friend whose son (3 years old) that has cancer. I have been pondering ways to bless them. I am inspired. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't make this but you have encouraged me to maybe research a homemade game or something for him to do would work.

Anonymous said...

So very pretty, Monica! I love it when you post your creations...hoping you will be posting handmade Christmas gift ideas this year as well. Have you started crafting/planning yet?

Michelle in Georgia

Wendi said...

Beautiful... I am sure this will bless your friend.

Elaine said...

They are so pretty!
Blessings to you today.

Aimee said...

love! esp. the candle in the pretty. and the lovely words you chose!

Julian said...

Im always inspired by your crafts for get to gethers,or for just because. Your kids are alot younger than mine,but I think what youre doing with them as far as family nites,and crafts,its so great! Tjoes are the things theyll remember. Youve got a great creative gift. I know many will be blessed by you.

angie said...

Looks like you found use for the several kids' cup lids in the process.
I process situations by writing, probably much in the same way you do when crafting.
I do think your friend will be blessed by your crafting creation, especially by knowing specifically what you are praying for her.

Mom said...

Thoughtful gift for a hurting friend -- thanks for sharing -- love you, Mom