Thursday, April 26, 2012


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I've mentioned recently how I've been feeling dry spiritually. One night I was so concerned about this that I even typed in online: feeling dry spiritually. I've tried all the usual things and nothing is clicking this time around - definitely a struggle.

However, something I landed on that night was such an encouragement to me and has proven to meet me right where I'm at.  Note: I cannot vouch for this site or anything about it other than that God used something there to bless me.

This - the idea of a comparison to a desert and how often God brought His people into the desert either physically or spiritually (or both) as a time of preparation to use them in a mighty way. So, I thought it would be great to look at people in the Bible who were in the desert and to see what came of their time there.

The first person I came across was Hagar. See Genesis 16 for the beginning of her story which is all I'm going to try and process today.

Quick recap: Hagar fled to the desert after being mistreated by Sarai, so she was looking to get out of harm's way and away from her messy life.

I would want to go somewhere peaceful and inviting and certainly don't consider the desert to be that, but it strikes me that she had limited resources - she was a servant and this was what was available to her: desert. It also comes to mind that she is Egyptian (see Gen. 16: 1) and desert was likely exactly what she'd known all her life so perhaps there was a sort of comfort in fleeing into the desert the way she did.

The next thing I noticed was that God met her there. (Gen. 16:7) And, in a very real and personal way. She was addressed by name and her honesty was required as she was asked where she was from and where she was going.

In the desert, there was direction for Hagar. (Gen. 16: 9-12) And, she listened - oh, the lessons in these thoughts alone.

And, this was the encouragement I needed for that time. Since then, I really needed to have confirmation from the Lord on something and read this same passage and it meant something very different but just as meaningful to me. Part two may or may not be something I ever share here - but it is amazing to me (always!) how we can read the same thing two times and have it mean different things to us each time.


Mom said...

Thank you for sharing this encouragement with us -- love and prayers, Mom

Dayna (Spear) Guenther said...

I love that passage about Hagar, especially where she says, "Thou God seest me!" He sees me! This passage recently struck me again, and I blogged about it here: Now that I've read your thoughts here, I'm really taking notice! I think God is trying to tell me something! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your honesty Monica. Ironically, one of the first desert places for me was when I moved to SC while my husband was in the Navy. I could not believe that the Lord would take me out of the place where wee were growing so strong (VA) and plop us in the midst of nowhere. I wandered there for 3 years, and literally months before we were to move again, the Lord brought a dear, dear friend along who was in the desert too. Things I learned in the desert: 1) my family came first (I didn't live that out so much before cause of how "busy" I was serving the Lord :-(
2)I was not alone. As much as I felt like I was the ONLY person to ever be in a desert, I was not.
3) It was alot easier to hear HIS voice in the desert. I pray that as you search out the desert, you will grow stronger in your faith! You are a precious sister in the Lord and I know He will use this time for good. Love in Him, Lynnebee

Julian said...

Thankyou for sharing this. I have been in the dessert many times, and have found Him to there with me,beside me. There is always more genuineness,more growth,more strength added. Im praying for you. Christina

Jenny's Heart said...

Oh Monica, I am in the same type of place. My Faith, just seems so dry and my prayers so halting, some days I don't have the words so I ask Jesus to intercede to the Father for me. Thank You for sharing; also I thank God for you and the insight He gives you to share with us.

Danielle said...

I stumbled on this passage at a very difficult time in my life as well. This is the first time "El Roi" is used for God... the God who sees me. That was such a comfort to me. Enjoy your study!