Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I mentioned yesterday that I hadn't decided what to hang from my second creation. Yet, even as I typed those words - and shared that whisper was a possibility - it just settled into my heart as the right word.


It is soft. You have to really listen to hear it. It keeps hearts calmer and voices lower. I had a sore throat recently and was reminded as I whispered of the benefits and how the listener has to work harder at paying attention.

And, these are beautiful images to me in knowing that God was in the whisper. I want my ears to be open to hearing even the softest whispers from Him. Beautiful and needed reminder to me in so many ways...



LynnMarie said...


angie said...

a whisper...it makes me feel like using all lowercase letters and definately not any exclamation points. it is a wonderful place to dwell...in a whisper

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your post today! It has touched my heart. I want to display the word WHISPER in my house also so I can be reminded to have my ears ready to hear what God has for me.

American Home said...

So glad that I stopped by and read your words...whisper.

What a blessings to remember.