Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Extending Grace: The Second Chance

This is going to be very short and sweet - but I have been reminded often lately about the blessing of receiving and giving second chances as an extension of grace.

Who can you offer a second chance to this week?

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Janice Kay said...

I am going to Extend Grace this week to my ex-husband. He is in a recovery plus treatment program again. He is in the end stages of life from drinking. The wonderful man that I married and brought 3 wonderful children into this world with is not the same man I divorced. I lost count of the treatment programs that he has entered and left only to continue to drink his life away. He lost all communication with his family and if he relapses ever again it will be his last. I'm going to write just this last letter to his program director/social worker and tell him again that this is his last 2nd chance and by the grace of God I pray I will never have to write another letter. Keep me in your prayers so I can find the courage to write my final 2nd chance letter.