Thursday, February 09, 2012


One of my very favorite {maybe my absolute favorite} games growing up was Monopoly! I have just always loved this game and it didn't hurt that I usually won. It got to the point that most of my family did not really want to play with me - but my Mom was often willing and we'd spend Sunday afternoons buying property and trading money and hoping to land on Free Parking!

The first time David came to Colorado {also the first time we met in person} was right around my birthday and we had a yummy birthday dinner that first night and topped it off with a game of Monopoly. Oh. my. Had I ever met a new dimension of Monopoly players.

Needless to say David won and it's amazing that we got married after that night :)! We haven't played this game in nearly nine years that we can remember so when we embarked on our weekly Sunday afternoon game time recently, we both thought it might be fun to play Monopoly.

It was fun and David still won, but it felt like redeeming the past and enjoying a game that we'd both enjoyed for a long time again!

My Mom gave me this vintage Monopoly game years ago and I love the wooden pieces and houses, faded money and overall charm and character! {According to what I see online it looks like it is from 1936!}

Who wins Monopoly at your house? Have you had a favorite game through the years?


Wendi said...

When Chuck and I were dating we played Monopoly all the time. I haven't thought about that it years! He usually won. Now our game of choice is Yahtzee.

Mom said...

Oh the memories!! :) Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I do not like Monopoly or RISK causee I swear they are personality-changers ;-) Sweet, meek, mild people turn into land barons! One of our New Year family traditions has always been to play SORRY!, then mark the winner's name on the inside of the box. Now our granchildren play, and they think it is fun to see how many times Mommy and Gramma beat Grampa thru the years :-) hee hee hee Game nights are fun, In His Grip ALways, Lynnebee

Amy said...

When my husband and I play a game together it is usually double solitaire. When we play a quick family game our very favorite is Rat-A-Tat Cat. Your kids are at a great age for the younger instructions of this game. Fun!

South Girl in the West said...

How funny you bring this up! My mom recently bought my 8 year old Monoply at a thrift store and he loves it! He is quite the property shark! We have spent several Sunday afternoons playing this as a family as well! Good memories being made.

Carrie said...


I love vintage games. I'd rather play those than the newly revised games and I hunt down old versions. So fun to see these pictures. Sounds like y'all have some special, er, particular memories around this game. ;D Thanks for sharing!

Dorothy said...

What a gorgeous gift! I must confess, I did covet a little as I perused the beautiful pictures of your vintage Monopoly set. I have a Scrabble game with wooden tiles. There's something special about wooden pieces, isn't there? Hmmm... perhaps a future blog post for me.
Enjoy :)

Season of Life said...

Oh how we do enjoy playing games in our home, too! My husband and I {sometimes adding the oldest boys} try to play a game each night, just to have some time together doing something.

Games of late have been: Sorry {Adult rules which add an element of strategy}, Yahtzee and Skipbo.

Games with the children have been: Clue, Monopoly & Scrabble.

Little ones usually pull out a game to play everyday...sometimes Pilgrim's Progress {vintage}, Checkers or Chess, Outburst Bible Edition...

Thanks for sharing your vintage Monopoly game time with the old games. ;D

Blessings ~

Jarnette @ Seasons of Life