Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days of Beauty: Give

Ok, one more days of giveaways! These will be listed in separate posts (Tommy Nelson guidelines) so please make sure to check each post today to see what you'd like to enter!

And, yes - there is beauty in giving to others! There is beauty in winning something! There is beauty in free! There is beauty in goodies for your children! You get the idea :)

So - here is the first giveaway:

I received an e-mail from Anna who has been a long time reader here that she has put together lunch box jokes for a year! She is a mom of two who pack their lunch for school and she loves to put a little lovin in their lunch! Plus, a smile!

You can click here to print out a free set of 20 jokes to cut apart and use in lunches! Or, for $7 you can download a full set of jokes to last you the entire school year. Many jokes are aligned with the seasons and holidays and your kids will have fun seeing how you are going to make them laugh when they open their lunch! 50% of her proceeds will also be donated to World Vision - love that!

She's in Canada, but has made both an American set and a Canadian set so they will match up with appropriate holidays! Anna graciously shared a set with me and has offered to give a set away to one of you!

Please leave a comment sharing how you make lunch special for your children! Comments will be accepted until Friday, October 21 at 10pm EST.


Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

I really try and listen to what they like to eat and change it up after a while.

Jessica said...

Cute! This week is joke week during our Classical Conversations Presentation time. These would come in handy!

Anonymous said...

I use fun cookie cutters for sandwiches, cheese, etc and try to include some kind of a note each day. These would be a great addition!

j_wilson04 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! These look like so much fun.
I've recently started trying to make more "hot" lunches for my children. It really carries them through the afternoon without the 'ravenous munchies' descending just before dinnertime. Surprisingly, I like having our big meal at lunch instead of dinner. I don't know if I can sustain it but so far so good. :) Alycia M

Heather said...

My kids are pretty little and lunch is typically all of us around the table (including Daddy who works from home except during the summer), but I have two nieces and nephew who are about to leave all their friends behind and move to Colorado. They will experience winter for the first time and have new schools that are much, much bigger than what they are used to. I LOVE the idea of them having something fun for their lunch to make it thorough the first year as the 'new kids!'


Annie said...

I try to put notes in their lunch at least 1-2 days a week. I also let them mix & match what they'd like to eat. Full bellies and a happy mama!

Thanks for the chance!
Annie reynoldsfour at aol dot com

Grace said...

I change their lunches up instead of serving the same sanwiches. Ocassionally I will surprise them with a super treat that They wouldn't normally get. Brianna would love these jokes and I know Luke would too when he learns to read.

Amy said...

They always love (and eat more) when I let them make their own lunches. I don't have a need for lunchbox jokes (we homeschool), but would love to give it to a dear friend who could use it if I win. Thanks for the giveaways- brian amy 10 at hotmail dot com