Tuesday, April 05, 2011

To See Like My Savior: Blindness Part 2

Remember when I shared this study? If you've been reading along or working through it - we'll continue here:

Now that we've studied the passages teaching about blindness - let's begin to pull that together and make some applications.

If you're working through the study - look at the themes you wrote down and see if there is one overarching theme that you can take away from this time in His Word.

Come up with your own definition of blindness and sight! And, consider what the number one thing that has come to mind as a result of this study. How can you apply this? Ask God to show you what He has in mind for application in your own life!

I'd love to hear some of the themes that appeared to you - here are a few things I observed:

* God can restore sight - He created it and He is in control!

* There is no respect of persons with Him. (Ephesians 6)

* Sin can be blinding.

* Blindness or sight: either one can bring Him glory!

* All hardships are not sin - but what will allow us to see God at work and show His glory. I loved Luke 18:40-43 and wondered if the man had ever seen before? Imagine his faith! This thought spurred on the next section where we'll look at the appeals made and Jesus' responses.


~katie~ said...

Good Morning, Monica! I finished all the verses in the blindness study. What a blessing! I noted many of the same themes you mentioned! Your first theme I had split into two. Here are the themes I wrote down so far:

1. God created and gave us our sight, and it should be precious to us. I then noted that He has the power to take it away.

2. God can restore our sight. The accounts of those whose sight was restored were done by their faith in Jesus. I noted that first people asked Jesus for His mercy on them. He usually replied their faith had healed them. This made me think of me as a believer...and how in John 14:13, Jesus told believers that whatever we ask in His name, He will do it to glorify God. A note to self there was....how often do I forget to ask??

3. The restoration of sight by Jesus' miracles was a means to glorify God.

4. Blindness in a sacrificial animal was unacceptable to God as an offering in the OT. Jesus was tempted but was never blinded by sin nor by Satan ~ He was the perfect Sacrifice, without spot or blemish. He was/is God!

5. The taking of sight, even temporarily blindness, could be used as a means to get a person's attention and restore/reconcile the person to God and to glorify Him in the process.

6. Both believers and nonbelievers can be blind in various capacities. Satan can cause us to be blind to God's Word. Several who were blind to God's Word were the people of Israel and Pharisees at various times. I noted how we are warned to not be like them in disobedience.

7. God is the sight of the blind ~ our Divine Guidance. (Job 29:15)

Looking forward to more!

~katie~ said...

Hey Monica ~

I've been pondering these things I wrote down, but I think my #5 above is completely wrong! I was basing that one mainly on Acts 13:11 ~ how the Lord made Elymas blind "for a season"....however, it continues that the proconsul witnessed this and believed...not Elymas. So, I guess I was thinking that the Lord could use that to make others believe, but I don't believe I've read any incidences in Scripture where blindness was given to someone to restore their own relationship. So I guess I'll retract or at the very least re-word what I said on #5! Sorry about that! I also re-read the verses back in Zechariah and Zephaniah in this study, and I'm thinking now that the blindness in these instances was a punishment...yet the fact that the Lord could do this would obviously speak of His power and holiness. Anyway, any thoughts on this? (Only when you have time!)

Love how we can help each other learn! (And I'm not afraid to admit when I've read too much into something! I'm pretty sure that's what happened with #5 above.) =)


~katie~ said...

Ok...if you just read my questioning of #5 comment, I'm now thinking that there actually may be something to it. I just read Acts 9, and I believe Paul was temporarily blinded before He was saved...and also Romans 11:25 ~ in where there was a temporary blindness upon Israel until Jesus returns....so maybe I was onto something?? =) I love how this is causing me to search the Scriptures even more! I know God's Word is clear...and I try to be vigilant not to take things out of context as to get the full picture. Thank you for helping me!