Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was looking through some pictures from our trip to France the other day to gather some pictures to share with my CC class of Monet's home and garden.

And, I came across pictures of our time here:

My very first, nearly subconscious thought was that I would love to crawl inside these pictures and be in this place. Not as a tourist though.

There is something so peaceful that calls to me about these pictures. The scenery, the quiet colors, the gray, the architecture, knowing it is a place devoted to living a solitary life focused on Him.

I've mentioned before how much I love gray weather and even the lack of color doesn't seem to matter as the quietness beckons.

And, even now, I realize that all of this really describes where I've been lately. The "reflect" category has seen its fair share of deposits here of late. Because that is largely where I've been - reflecting, studying, learning, seeking.

I can think of a number of pictures or paintings I would love to jump in! There is a stillness in pictures and paintings that calls to me out of the chaos of my own life! While I realize that life is not completely still once you get there - it is refreshing sometimes just to look and imagine myself there.

What am I doing there?

Who is there with me?

And, yes - I can think of a few places closer to home than this that would be a good place to reflect! But, I just really enjoyed re-visiting this place through looking through these photos.

Do you ever wish you could jump in a picture or painting? As I've been hanging out in the land of reflecting - where have you been camped lately?


Ami said...

I think reflecting comes with winter. It is so good, and what I've been reflecting on the past couple days comes from 1000 Gifts - that I need a fresh filling, a fresh meeting with God every single day.

Jenny Lynn said...

I have been in a reflecting mood recently. As I ponder if I am headed where God wants me to go. Your scripture has stuck in my heart recently. Psalm 32:8

This post has me looking differently at all the gray weather that currently surrounds me here in Utah. I love how you see it differently, calming. The photos ooze by the way of history. Just Beautiful.

Mom said...

Ah, Mont St. Michel! Lovely photos and lovely memories :)

Remember the row of shops and restaurants we had to walk through to get to the monastery? It seemed so out of place, and yet that is so often how our lives are -- busy, chaotic, noisy -- before we can quiet our hearts for reflection.

There are many paintings I have wanted to jump into -- some with cute roads or paths beckining me to walk down or Thomas Kinkade paintings of welcoming lit up homes. :)

Lovely post -- thanks for sharing!
Love you, Mom

Spectrum of Amber said...

Call me a cheeseball, but with Valentine's Day approaching, I have been thinking a lot about my husband. I've been reminiscing about the day he asked me to marry him. I'm been remembering all of his amazing qualities that make me fall in love with him all over again each day. And I'm dreaming about what the future holds with him by my side.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Monica, oh my goodness, I've been to France, too...and I visit the Mont Saint Michel as well. I'll message you pri vately about my photos ;) :) I thougth I recognized the place...awesome!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

dawn@onefaithfulmom said...

You know we share a love of gray days. As a matter of fact, this very morning I was thanking God for all the cloudy rainy weather we've been having lately. Most folks are sick of it, but it has made for a very lovely start to a new year for me!!

Unknown said...

I see you post CC class alot. Do you use Classical Conversations?

*carrie* said...

Ah, Mont St. Michel!

I have not been reflecting enough lately. My to-do list has been so crowded, and I just told Eric last night that I HAVE to schedule a retreat this week.

Love you, me

Unknown said...

I've been thinking about thankfulness lately. Just REALLY trying to cultivate a heart filled with it! I've been really enjoying some of the paintings of family, home, and a farm from Carl Larsson (we are learning about him in our little school) lately. They are so sweet!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yes, we attend Classical Conversations every Tuesday. Both girls are in Abecedarians and I am a tutor!

Unknown said...

We were memebers of a CC group in NC and I will be starting one in AL next fall as a Director. Thank you for the great CC ideas too. :) I have an Abecedarian and a Journeymen (Foundations).

Frank Zweegers said...

Very inspiring pictures.